GP & Partner Bulletin - October 2016

Pulse 2

October 2016

Welcome to the October issue of Pulse The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust's GP and partner bulletin. Each issue will round up the latest news from inside the Trust and present it in this e-newsletter. If you would like to make any comments about this issue or if you have any suggestions for future content then please email the editor


Trust Corporate Priorities 2016/17

We have published our Trust priorities for 2016/17 which includes information about our strategic goals, priorities and targets for 2016/17. Download the ray diagram using the read more link for further information.

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CQC Improvement Action Plan – “Saving Lives, Improving Lives”

The Trust’s new senior management team under the leadership of Sir David Dalton has drawn up a robust CQC Improvement Action Plan to deliver and support the improvements needed across all wards, clinical areas and departments to ensure all Trust services are safer, more reliable and more efficient and effective.

The plan sets out the immediate improvement actions that we will all need to take over the next 9-12 months to ensure we are getting the basics right, stabilising our services, and creating the right conditions upon which we can continue to improve and transform care delivery across our sites and community services. All our staff will have received a flyer stapled to their September wage slip.

On one side is a summary of the Trust’s Improvement Action Plan following our CQC inspection report. It lists the key actions and broad high level measurement indicators across six main improvement themes. The other side of the flyer is the Trust’s Corporate Priorities for 2016/17 which the improvement plan links to and which are now displayed across the organisation. The Trust’s overarching longer-term Quality Improvement Strategy (QI) is being finalised.

The aim is to launch a number of quality learning collaboratives to engage with staff to work on how we can make real improvements and how we can measure their impact on patient care. Measurement of these actions for improvements will be fundamental to ensuring sustainability and the reliability of our care. The indicators within each main theme are current national standards we already must meet.

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Stabilising Fragile Services – update

A number of measures have been put in place to support staff in our Emergency Department at NMGH. This involves the provision of enhanced GP and primary care input directly into the department, enhanced community care services, and increased physiotherapy and pharmacy staff support in A&E.

Additional medical consultant presence has been strengthened from across the Trust and a number of neighbouring Trusts have confirmed additional consultant time to be supplied by the temporary redeployment of some of their A&E consultants to support rotas for the next six months. We are also working with the GM Provider Forum to identify more capacity for medical support (consultant and middle grade) across the system.

We anticipate the additional support to NMGH is expected to result in improvement to both 4 and 12 hour breaches. The Trust is working with NWAS to ensure reliable pathways for high acuity patients, including those patients 20:00-08:00 taken directly to high acuity sites at The Royal Oldham Hospital, Salford Royal and CMFT. The Trust, with support from Salford, has recruited additional midwifes and sickness absence rates have fallen.

Strengthening the Trust workforce - update

As part of the Trust’s Improvement plan, the Trust is proactively recruiting to strengthen our workforce and recruit more permanent nursing staff, midwives and doctors not only across our fragile services but in other wards and clinical areas. Between April and September this year the Trust has recruited 109 new registered nurses and 58 midwives, 36 doctors (consultants and middle grades) and 149 health care support workers. In addition 60 newly qualified registered nurses started on 2nd October, along with 34 midwives. The Trust is in the process of recruiting 70 more health care support workers and six consultant paediatricians.

The Trust is working closely with Salford Royal and Central Manchester Foundation NHS Trust on joint recruitment campaigns to design innovative and attractive consultant job plans that will help recruit to vacant positions in Accident & Emergency and Acute Medicine specialties.

We have also started the process of strengthening and improving senior leadership at hospital–level and to strengthen engagement with staff and our locality partner organisations. The three care organisations will be: North Manchester, Oldham, and Bury/Rochdale. In developing these site-based leadership teams, the following senior appointments have been made to three new Nurse Director posts. The Trust would like to welcome Simon Featherstone and Nicola Firth who have recently started at the Trust. Tyrone Roberts starts on 31st October.

The Trust has also set up and launched a Recruitment Facebook account at and a dedicated Twitter account @pennineacutejob as part of our marketing recruitment drive to promote current vacancies.

Site-based Triumvirate Executive Leadership Teams - vacancies

The Trust is currently advertising for Managing Directors and Medical Director posts within the three triumvirate executive leadership teams at Pennine. We hope to be able to confirm appointments to these posts next month.

Consultation on the site based model will take place with the wider divisional and directorate management teams during October. The aim is that the senior level of the site-based leadership triumvirate will be in place by December 2016 with the remaining realignment carried out by March 2017.

Annual Report & Accounts 2015/16

The Trust’s Annual Report and Financial Accounts for last year was formally adopted at our Annual Public Meeting (APM) last week. The Annual Report also includes the Trust’s Quality Account. During the APM, Sir David Dalton gave a presentation on the Trust’s 12 month review including highlights from our recent CQC report and future plans for each of our four hospital sites and community services.

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Medical Director takes lead in staff Flu Fighter vaccination campaign to protect patients

Staff and volunteers at the Trust’s four hospitals and community services are being encouraged to follow the lead of the Trust’s Executive Medical Director, Professor Matt Makin, and get the flu vaccine, as part of the Trust’s annual Flu Fighter campaign, which started on 3 October.

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Supporting our armed forces after service – new defence medical welfare team at The Royal Oldham Hospital

A new defence medical welfare team have joined The Royal Oldham Hospital to provide help and support to members of the armed forces community, aged over 65 years, whenever they receive medical care at the Trust.

It is estimated that there are some 25,000 members of the armed forces community who are aged 65 years and over living in the Greater Manchester area. The Defence Medical Welfare Service (DMWS) is an independent charity which provides help and support to aged veterans when they are following a medical care pathway.

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Patients with pain to benefit from new service

Thousands of chronic pain sufferers in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale will be able to access a new innovative pain service from this month which encourages patients to try a range of measures to manage their pain.

Persistent pain - lasting longer than three months, is estimated to affect one in eight people which equates to approximately 27,500 people in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale.  Sometimes the underlying cause for persistent pain is unknown and in other cases, the cause of the pain is identifiable. Common examples include back and joint pain, headaches, abdominal pain, pelvic pain and nerve pain.

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New needle-free flu vaccine at North Manchester General Hospital is not to be sniffed at!

An innovative public health initiative which has been launched at North Manchester General Hospital is not to be sniffed at in the fight against flu!

As part of this year’s national flu programme, pre-school children and older children in at risk groups who attend the paediatric emergency department at North Manchester General Hospital will be offered a needle-free flu vaccine.

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Breaking the symptom cycle – A patient’s story about new Expert Patient Programme launched for Rochdale borough patients

A new service provided by staff at the Trust will see patients from Heywood, Middleton, and Rochdale learning to manage their own long term conditions and/or caring situations in a more supportive way, whilst working in collaboration with local health and social care teams.

The Expert Patients Programme (EPP) is a nationally accredited programme run by people who ‘live with’ a long-term medical condition or are carers.  It is based on the idea that if people feel more in control or have the perceived ability to follow health guidelines, then they would be more able to manage their condition better on a day to day basis.

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New Automated Telephone System for Microbiology Department

From the 18th October 2016, the Trust’s Microbiology Department will be trialling a new automated telephone system. This is in response to feedback received from end users in our annual User Satisfaction Survey. The number for this system is 0161 627 8362 (Internal 78362) and this will service both the laboratory and medical consultation requests. 0161 627 8360 (Internal 78360) will remain a viable number for the duration of the trial. The switch will be seamless and there is no expected down time. We anticipate this will improve your Microbiology service experience.  We appreciate the on-going feedback and strive to ensure we provide a first class Microbiology service.  

Update from the Haematology Technical Manager at The Royal Oldham Hospital

I would like to formally apologise to you and any of your patients that were affected by a technical issue we experienced with an analyser between Friday 30th September and Tuesday 4th October, which resulted in the laboratory being unable to provide ESR results for samples sent during this period.

A problem occurred with the Sysmex InteRRliner ESR analyser resulting in numerous analytical sample errors. Telephone support was offered from the supplier but failed to resolve the problem. The analyser was out of order from 16:00 on Friday 30th September. An engineer visited on Tuesday 4th October and resolved the issue. However this has resulted in approximately 400 patient ESR samples being rejected during the downtime as unfortunately we are not able to process samples that are greater than 24hours old as the ESR result is known to be unreliable after this time.

If you received an ESR result with the comment “ESR not performed due to technical issue” during this period then the above explanation is the reason why.

The laboratory is aware that this is the second such episode since August and wishes to assure you that we are taking these incidents very seriously. We have a meeting with our Suppliers and the senior engineer booked for 13th October where we will discuss our concerns about this analyser and that the level of service we currently receive from them has been below our expectations. We do have a service level agreement with them and a Key Performance Indicator that an analyser such as this is repaired within 24hours.

I would like to assure you once again that the performance of this analyser, along with the supplier, is being monitored and we apologise to you and your patients for any inconvenience that this incident has caused.

Jane Nelson, Technical Manager, Haematology


Trust board meeting

24 November 2016

9.30 to 12.30

Room 219, Trust HQ, North Manchester General Hospital

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Organ Donation/Transplant Talk, Keely Hart Specialist Nurse Organ Donation

5 December 2016

14.00 to 15.00

Post-Grad Centre, North Manchester General Hospital

Reserve your place by emailing us or calling the membership office on 01706-517302

Trust board meeting

15 December 2016

9.30 to 12.30

Room 219, Trust HQ, North Manchester General Hospital

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Mortuary ‘virtual’ tour & talk, with Amanda Eckersley and Michelle Hoyle

20 December 2016

14.00 to 15.00

Seminar Room, Pathology Dept, The Royal Oldham Hospital

Reserve your place by emailing us or calling the membership office on 01706-517302

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