GP & Partner Bulletin - August 2016

Pulse 2

August 2016

Welcome to the August issue of Pulse The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust's GP and partner bulletin. Each issue will round up the latest news from inside the Trust and present it in this e-newsletter. If you would like to make any comments about this issue or if you have any suggestions for future content then please email the editor


Message from Sir David Dalton, Chief Executive, re our CQC report

Dear colleague,

This week marks the start of a new journey for all of us.  A journey that I believe will result in our hospitals and community services becoming safe and reliable – and in time, being amongst the best in the country.

The recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) report that rated Pennine Trust as ‘inadequate’ held up a mirror for us to see what was happening and reflected what many of our staff had been saying: that there were issues relating to staffing pressures, systems which didn’t allow the Board to understand risks experienced on a ward or department, and a culture which began to tolerate inappropriate standards or behaviours.  Yet, from my four months in the Trust, I know we have staff who care deeply about the service they want to provide to their patients.  I will work with them, together with the leadership team, to steadily make the necessary improvements so that patients can receive reliable, high quality care, whatever the day of the week and whatever the hour of the day.

The issues identified at Pennine could occur in any organisation if allowed to go un-checked.  As the Chief Executive of Salford Royal, one of only five Trusts in the country to be rated “outstanding” by the CQC, I will listen to staff and where appropriate, will deploy Salford’s systems and experience to help support staff in Bury, Rochdale, Oldham and North Manchester to deliver the high standards of service which are desired by all.    

All the evidence shows that staff are best placed to know what needs to be improved in their ward or department – and so we will introduce a system, tried and tested in Salford, which involves staff and supports them to test their ideas for improvement and where they are shown to work – we will replicate them across a whole hospital.  This turns on its head the idea that those in senior managerial positions always know what’s best for patients on a ward, instead it recognises and supports the expertise which front-line staff have.

We have already secured a further £9m to invest in improvement and the signs look good with the recruitment of 90 nurses, 40 midwives and additional doctors for our critical care units and emergency departments. Our improvement journey will then focus on reviewing and resetting safe staffing levels in our wards and departments. 

We will be setting clear nursing standards for each of our wards with regular assessment and the publication of the results.  We will also be introducing the award winning, nurse-led, bereavement service; and pursuing new patient safety initiatives that tackle issues such as reducing the number of cardiac arrests, and reducing the harm that patients can experience in hospital such as falls, pressure ulcers and infections.  

But these improvements cannot be done in isolation; we are already working with our health and social care organisations across Greater Manchester to support us in our efforts, such as improvements in our emergency and maternity departments, and this is great evidence of how our new devolution arrangements are working for the benefit of patients. 

I am convinced and optimistic that we will become stronger as a result of the CQC report. I am delighted to have been asked to lead the Pennine Acute Trust on this improvement journey, uniting it with colleagues at Salford Royal, and look forward to reporting the improvements that our staff will have made in the months ahead.

Sir David Dalton
Chief Executive

New leadership team at Pennine Acute Hospitals takes action to support staff in driving improvements and safety following CQC inspection

SIR David Dalton, Chief Executive of The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (PAT), says the Trust will be better, stronger and more determined than ever to drive up improvements following the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) Report so that it becomes one of the best and safest NHS Trusts in the country.

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Wolstenholme Intermediate Care Unit video

We have produced a new video all about Rochdale Infirmary’s Wolstenholme Intermediate Care Unit which is available to view for staff, patients and the public on the Trust website and YouTube channel The unit provides 24 community beds and can be accessed by any adult aged 18 years and over who resides or is registered with a GP in the Heywood , Middleton and Rochdale area. The service is part of a wider intermediate care and reablement service, providing intermediate care, which is enhanced by nursing and therapy provision and which supports people who are medically stable to return to their homes.

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Zero pressure thanks to innovative heel wedge at North Manchester General Hospital

A new bespoke device to stop pressure ulcers from developing on patients’ heels has been devised by staff at the Trust.

Jackie Greenhalgh, ward manager on I5 orthopaedic ward at North Manchester General Hospital came up with the idea of a new wedge which would keep patient’s heels off their mattress so that there is zero pressure on their skin, which stops pressure ulcers from developing.

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Help at hand for Trust patients with medication queries

Patients who have been treated by the Trust who have any queries about the medication given to them can now access a specialist medicines helpline.

Medicines information based in the pharmacy department, have set up a medicines helpline for patients who have questions about medicines dispensed to them when they are discharged from hospital or following an outpatient appointment from the Trust.

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Knees up as physiotherapy class celebrates first birthday at North Manchester General Hospital

Patients at a specialist physiotherapy class have had a knees-up celebrating its first birthday.

The patients are all part of the total knee class at North Manchester General Hospital which is an exercise group for patients who have undergone a total knee replacement.

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New treatment on the menu for patients – supporting patients with learning disabilities in theatre at North Manchester General Hospital

Theatre staff at North Manchester General Hospital are serving up a different kind of facility for patients with learning disabilities – a café style setting within a working operating theatre.

To improve the service for patients with learning disabilities, who have to undergo elective surgical procedures, the theatre team looked to see how they could try and alleviate the anxiety which coming into hospital causes the patients.

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Infection prevention staff at Trust take part in national NHS Improvement Project

Senior nurses at the Trust are taking part in a national NHS Improvement 90 day project to reduce infection rates in hospitals.

The Trust is taking part in the project to see which infection prevention interventions have the highest impact on a defined number of wards.

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Free Wi-Fi internet access at Pennine Acute Hospitals gets the thumbs up!

Patients and visitors at hospitals run by the Trust will soon be able to keep in touch with family and friends over the internet following the launch of a free Wi-Fi internet service.

A new system has been designed and installed by the Trust’s IT communications team and supplier Wi-Fi Spark Ltd. After being tested in the emergency department at North Manchester General Hospital, the service is now being rolled out Trust wide.

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Construction commences at new Maggie’s Oldham Centre built within the grounds of The Royal Oldham Hospital

Maggie’s, the charity that provides free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer and their family and friends, is celebrating as construction has now officially commenced at its new Centre built in the grounds of The Royal Oldham Hospital which will be named ‘Maggie’s Oldham, The Sir Norman Stoller Centre’. The Building is Maggie’s second in the Greater Manchester area.

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Staff Awards - Pennine Patients' Choice Award 2016

The Trust is seeking nominations for the ‘Pennine Patients’ Choice Award’ as part of its Staff Awards 2016, which will be held on the evening of the 18 November 2016. To make a nomination go to the staff awards nomination form on the Trust website.

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Update - Haematology Laboratory at The Royal Oldham Hospital

The Haematology Laboratory at The Royal Oldham Hospital would like to formally apologise to you and any of your patients that were affected by an unforeseen technical issue we experienced with an analyser on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th July, which resulted in the laboratory being unable to provide ESR results for samples sent during this period.

The laboratory has raised an incident about this issue with our suppliers as we do have a service level agreement with them and a Key Performance Indicator that an analyser such as this is repaired within 24hours. The Supplier has in turn raised an incident with DHL as this was the root cause of our failure to provide the service on this occasion. We would like to assure you that the performance of this analyser, along with the supplier and the courier, is being monitored.


Setting the Standards for GM Neuro-Rehabilitation Services

08 September 2016

17.30 to 20.30

Salford Royal Hospital

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Trauma & Orthopaedic Talk

09 September 2016

14.00 to 15.00

The Education Centre, The Royal Oldham Hospital

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Sleep Apnoea/Snoring

19 September 2016

14.00 to 15.00

Education Centre, Rochdale Infirmary

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Trust Board Meeting

29 September 2016

9.30 to 12.30

Room 219, Trust HQ, North Manchester General Hospital

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The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust's Annual Public Meeting (APM)

6 October 2016

Time t.b.c

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham

Trust board meeting

24 November 2016

9.30 to 12.30

Room 219, Trust HQ, North Manchester General Hospital

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Trust board meeting

15 December 2016

9.30 to 12.30

Room 219, Trust HQ, North Manchester General Hospital

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