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One quarter of people accessing acute hospitals are likely to have dementia and the number with the condition is expected to double over the next 30 years.

Dementia can be caused by a number of illnesses. It results in progressive decline in multiple areas of function, including memory function, communication and the ability to carry out daily activities. The two most common forms of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

Through our Dementia Strategy we are developing ways to improve the hospital experience for dementia patients and their carers.

Early diagnosis of dementia and interventions are key priorities for the Trust as is improving the quality of care for people with dementia in general wards.

We want to ensure our staff have the necessary skills to offer the best quality of care by providing training and through other actions including:

  • Increasing the numbers of patients who are assessed for the possibility of dementia on admission to hospital
  • Including dementia training in staff inductions
  • Staff annual training programmes to include dementia training and enhanced dementia training for a core group of clinicians so at least one nurse per shift is available with this level of knowledge
  • Having a clear treatment plan for those patients assessed and identified as 'at risk'
  • Raising the profile of the dementia care pathway and the standard of care provision.


Over the past year we have developed a range of training materials and courses for our staff, particularly those who are responsible for patient care and are based on wards and in clinical areas.

We are committed to listening to our patients, their families and their carers. Working with and involving carers and patients enables us to design better care pathways. We continue to work closely with the Alzheimer’s Society, Local Involvement Networks (LINks)/Healthwatch and local voluntary organisations, which will support us in this work.

Forget-Me-Not scheme

In February 2013, the Trust launched its support of a new patient identification scheme to help support patients with dementia. You can read about the Forget-Me-Not scheme in our Press Releases section.

Dementia training video

Our staff have produced a dementia awareness training film to support frontline staff caring for and treating patients with dementia.

Read the press release

Watch the film on YouTube

Oasis Unit Rochdale featured on BBC's Victoria Derbyshire show - download the clip

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