Research Nurses – Our Role

Research is essential. It is the only evidence-based method of deciding whether a new approach to treatment or care is better than the current standard, and is essential to diagnose, treat, prevent, and cure disease. Research nurses play a vital role in delivering research, and ultimately improving patient care.

The role of a research nurse is complex, exciting, and interesting. Research nurses are at the forefront of new developments in treatments for their patients. Day to day, the role of a research nurse may vary, as they hold numerous responsibilities. These can include:

  • Identifying and screening potential patients
  • Making sure that patients have all the necessary information to allow them to make a fully informed decision about whether they want to participate in a study
  • Ensuring that patients give fully informed consent before they are enrolled in a study
  • Supporting the Principal Investigator (PI) by coordinating the day to day management of research studies
  • Providing on-going support to patients throughout their time as a participant

At the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, the Research & Development (R&D) department currently employs 33 Research Nurses, and 3 Research Midwives. They support over 250 research studies, 26% of which are investigating treatment drugs. They are dedicated, compassionate, and are committed to delivering innovative, high quality research for our patients. The support provided by our Research Nurses & Midwives is invaluable. Without them, research would not be possible.