Foundation Tracks

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Currently we have 32 tracks on offer and will employ 192 Foundation Doctors throughout the Trust.  

The Trust offers the following secondary acute care services:

  • Accident and Emergency
  • Diagnostics, comprising: Anaesthetics; Pathology; Radiology; Critical Care and Clinical Professions
  • Medicine, comprising: Sexual Health and Infectious Disease; Endocrinology and Diabetes; Elderly Care and Rheumatology; Cardiology,
  • Respiratory, Oncology and Palliative Care and General Medicine
  • Please change to: Specialist services, comprising: HIV/AIDS and renal care
  • Surgery, comprising: General surgery; Orthopaedics; Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery; Dental; Ophthalmology; Urology and Gastroenterology
  • Women and Children, comprising: Gynaecology; Obstetrics; Community Midwifery and Paediatric care

The tracks on offer at Pennine will include many of the above areas. Full details of tracks can be found by clicking on each hospital site on the menu bar to the left.

The Trust is currently undergoing a reconfiguration process, therefore posts may be subject to change.