Corporate Services Q&As

Bank Staff

What is happening with bank staff?

Northern Care Alliance (NCA) currently use NHS Professionals (NHSP) for Bank Staff requirements.

Will Bank Staff be required to re-register with NHSP?

No. Information will be automatically transferred, although we may require an extended period to do this. Existing Bank registrants will transfer to NHSP via TUPE.  Accordingly, the relevant information would be transferred in line with this process.  A formal consultation process will be undertaken with the existing Bank workforce and the transfer will be at a later date than 1 July – we will confirm this date as soon as possible.

Will bank staff be paid for training?

NHS Professionals do not pay their Bank Workers to attend training.

Can I work on the wider bank when we transfer to NCA, so could I work in another area of the NCA not just within Community Services?

Yes, if you are registered with NHS Professionals you can do that.