Pennine Acute Hospitals - Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) Service


Our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) is a confidential service that provides help, advice and information for patients, families and carers covering Fairfield General Hospital, Royal Oldham, North Manchester and Rochdale Infirmary. At the end of January 2016 our PALS service was greatly expanded and new PALS offices were opened front of house at each one of our four hospitals. The re-launch of our PALS service and their relocation has helped raise the bar on quality for our patients and their relatives.

PALS is here to:

  • Help our patients and families find answers to questions or concerns regarding their care or treatment.
  • Provide patients and carers with information, advice or support.
  • Help to resolve concerns quickly by liaising with staff and managers.
  • Refer our patients and carers on to external agencies or specialist advocacy services, where this is appropriate.

PALS seeks to promote the importance of listening to patient enquiries and concerns. To support this, the PALS team work closely with staff who have direct contact with patients, their families and carers, providing help and information and will try to address any issues of concern.

Understanding the Health Service and all its complexities can be daunting and finding answers can sometimes be difficult. 

Will my care be affected by contacting PALS?

The care you receive will not be adversely affected by speaking to PALS or raising a complaint.  

What to do first

If you have a problem or issue relating to your clinical care and treatment now, you should always talk to your Consultant, nurse or other staff in the ward/department/clinic. They are the best people to help deal with current problems. PALS can then be contacted if they cannot resolve the problem for you.

Services provided by PALS

  • The PALS team can provide you with information, confidential advice about the Trust, help with any other health related enquiry and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
  • Help you to clarify your problems and look at the options available to resolve them.
  • Give you details of places where further health and information can be obtained.
  • Provide information about the NHS complaints procedure and advice about making a formal complaint if this is necessary.
  • Advise you about the role of independent advocacy services and how to contact them.
  • PALS also help the Trust to improve services by listening to what matters to patients, their relatives and carers and making changes when appropriate.

What can't PALS do?

PALS cannot provide advocacy, counselling, diagnosis or medical advice. However, they can speak on your behalf to the people that can provide these services. PALS are able to contact clinical staff and departments in order to obtain information or investigate your concerns and then relay this information back to you verbally. 

PALS do not provide detailed written response to your concern or complaint.  If you want a detailed written response, you will need to contact the Complaints Department, which is based at NMGH (if you are making a complaint on behalf of someone else their written consent will be required before an investigation is commenced).  The complaints department can be contacted on 0161 604 5800 or alternatively please visit the complaints section of the website.

How to contact the PALS service for Pennine Acute Hospitals?

Call 0161 604 5897 between 09.30 hours and 16.30 hours Monday to Friday or drop into one of the new front of house PALS offices at each hospital listed below. Opening hours are:

  • North Manchester General Hospital - 09.30 hours - 16.30 hours Monday to Friday
  • The Royal Oldham Hospital - 09.30 hours - 16.30 hours Monday to Friday
  • Fairfield General Hospital - Monday, Tuesday 09.30 hours - 16.30 hours, and until 12.00 hours on Wednesdays
  • Rochdale Infirmary – 09.00-17.00 - Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

You can also email Alternatively you can write to: PALS, IM&T Building, North Manchester General Hospital, Delaunays Road, Crumpsall, M8 5RB.

PALS office locations

These are located in the following places:

  • North Manchester General Hospital - The PALS Office is located at the Main Entrance to the hospital. Follow signs for Way Out, Main Entrance. Level 0.
  • The Royal Oldham Hospital - The PALS Office is located at the Main Entrance to the hospital. Follow signs for Way Out, Main Entrance. Level 0.
  • Fairfield General Hospital - The PALS Office is located at the Main Entrance to the hospital. Follow signs for Way Out, Main Entrance. Ground Floor, Red Zone.
  • Rochdale Infirmary - The PALS Office is located at the Main Entrance to the hospital. Follow signs for Way Out, Main Entrance. Level B.

Each hospital site has a PALS officer:

  • Sue Hill, PALS Officer, North Manchester General Hospital
  • Gill Armstrong, PALS Officer, The Royal Oldham Hospital
  • Julia Grant, PALS Officer, Fairfield General Hospital
  • Fiona Szelesi, PALS Officer, Rochdale Infirmary