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We have very many specialist consultants practising within The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust working across all areas of medicine. You can use this page to find out more about them.

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    • PA Telephone: 0161 627 8698
    • Telephone: 0161 627 8698
    • The Royal Oldham Hospital
    • Speciality:
      • Vascular

    Mr R Ibrahim, Surgery (Vascular)

    Clinical Lead for Vascular and Endovascular Services

    • PA Telephone: 0161 778 5577
    • Telephone: 0161 627 8750
    • The Royal Oldham Hospital
    • Speciality:
      • Medical Assessment (MAU)

    Dr Muhammad Iftikhar, Adult Medicine (Medical Assessment (MAU))

    • Telephone: 0161 778 2643
    • North Manchester General Hospital

    Mr B Ilango, Orthopaedics

    • North Manchester General Hospital

    Dr Muhammad Iqbal, Paediatrics

    • Telephone: 0161 778 2467
    • Fairfield General Hospital
    • Specialities:
      • Cardiology,
      • Imaging

    Dr B Irwin, Adult Medicine (Cardiology, Imaging)

    • Fairfield General Hospital
    • Speciality:
      • Cardiology

    Dr Richard Irwin, Adult Medicine (Cardiology)