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We are aware of an issue whereby managers are unable to access data on historical sickness absence dates, and annual leave taken and booked.  We are working with PCFT to find a solution to this within the next few days – and will of course share the outcome as soon as possible.


From 1 July 2019, we are delighted to welcome approximately 1,300 colleagues who have transferred employment from Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust (PFCT) to join our teams at Oldham, Bury and Rochdale as part of our group of hospitals and integrated community services, called the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group (NCA).

A defined number of community healthcare services provided in these localities and associated staff and teams have transferred across to the NCA (Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust being the host statutory organisation).

The scope of services transferring includes community healthcare services for adults in Bury, Oldham and Rochdale, and children’s services in Bury and Oldham. Although the NCA provides majority of adult services in Rochdale, this is an important and exciting development which will help drive forward transformation to deliver better joined-up integrated healthcare in Oldham, Bury and Rochdale, reducing the dependence on hospital services

Information Packs are available to download for all new staff.

For those staff joining the NCA

For community healthcare services staff in these localities, there will be no change to your location. Many of you already work with our acute teams and have done so for many years. For most of you, you will continue to do the same job, in the same place.  However, we understand of course that there will be various things for staff new to the NCA to get to grips with in the first few weeks after transfer. 

We realise that for some Corporate Services staff joining us there may be more significant changes, such as a move of base, a new team and a new line manager.  Your new line manager will support you to settle in and we encourage you to raise anything at all that you feel would assist you as you find your feet. 

Information and Guidance

This online Transfer Hub contains information and guidance to support you in your transfer and transition across to theNCA.  If you are experiencing any urgent issues relating to the transfer of services from Pennine Care Foundation Trust (PCFT) to the Northern Care Alliance (NCA), which cannot be resolved locally, this staff helpline will be in place for the first 28 days (8am–6pm), please call 0161 206 6611.

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Questions & Answers

Similar to the previous Transfer Hub portal, this site also provides you with an opportunity to submit any queries or questions that you may have.


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Branding and Email Signatures

As part of our Northern Care Alliance NHS Group’s corporate identity, it is important that every member of staff standardises and changes their email signature to comply with our corporate identity and brand guidelines.

Using the Care Organisation logos: Where you could expect to see it?

You would expect to see the Care Organisation logo and branding used on items that are specific to that Care Organisation, for example, internal and external PowerPoint presentations, the intranet, social media platforms, hospital site posters and signage, pull-up banners, internal staff communication materials,  Care Organisation performance reports, papers and documents. 

All staff, including those new or transferring to the NCA, should identify which Care Organisation they work for i.e Bury & Rochdale Care Org, or Oldham Care Organisation. You should then change and download the relevant email signature. Changing your email signature should only take a few minutes to do as there are step by step instructions on how to set up, or edit your email signature. 

Using the Northern Care Alliance logo: Where you could expect to see it?

You would expect to see the Northern Care Alliance logo on items that are relation to Group-wide pieces of work, initiatives or programmes of work that involve multiple Care Organisations. You would also expect to see the logo used on the email signatures of people who have a Group-wide role or part of a group function such as Finance. To access template for the NCA and Care Organisations click here.

Finally, we hope you are as excited to be joining us as we are to have you.  It’s an exciting time to join the Northern Care Alliance and in providing services across our Care Organsiations in Oldham, Bury and Rochdale, Salford and North Manchester.