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The Hearing Aid Call In Clinic is closed

The Hearing Aid Call In Clinic is closed due to COVID-19 outbreak - click here for info. Please see information sheet on re-tubing and fault finding - click here. Access the Adult Hearing Assessment leaflet - click here.

The Northern Care Alliance provides a range of nationally accredited audiology services for children and adults living in Bury, Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale (HMR) and Oldham. Our experienced and knowledgeable NHS professionals help with hearing and balance assessments (adults), along with support and rehabilitation for conditions such as tinnitus. We offer digital hearing aid fitting and any ongoing care people need.

  • We are nationally accredited – our audiology services have received a national seal of approval from the prestigious United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). In 2014, we were one of the first in the country to achieve this. Click here to find out more about UKAS accreditation.
  • We don’t have long waiting lists – one of our friendly and qualified hearing experts will see you.
  • We offer a direct link with NHS hospital services – meaning a direct referral for relevant specialist care you may need.
  • We are a dementia friendly service – our staff have received expert training to provide the very best care for people with dementia.
  • We use top quality, modern and attractive digital hearing aids – comparable to those offered by many private hearing care providers.
  • We offer a Click and Post service – your hearing aid accessories (such as batteries and tubing) can be sent straight to your home. Click here to find out more.

Services in your borough

We have clinics in the following areas. For more information, please click the below links. We also offer care at home, for those who are housebound.

Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale

Supporting information and resources

Our audiology teams want to make sure that you know what to expect when you are invited for a hearing assessment or for another procedure.

Following a diagnosis, it’s also important that you understand the condition and have easy access to advice on how you can manage it.

You can now follow the Audiology service on Facebook: Audiology

You may also wish to view the resources on the C2Hear Youtube channel. C2Hear Online is a series of short, interactive, multimedia videos about hearing aids, hearing loss and communication. 

The following leaflets provide further information.

Audiology leaflets

DocumentFile Size
Audiology service 1.97 MB
Auditory processing disorder or obscure auditory dysfunction in adults   236 KB
Child to adult service transition 484 KB
Children's Audiology hearing aid service 1.58 MB
Children's hearing assessment 1.55 MB
Positional dizziness BPPV 2.11 MB

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