Anticoagulant Therapy and Monitoring Service

Who is the service for?   

Anticoagulants are medicines that help prevent blood clots. They’re given to people at a high risk of developing clots to reduce their chances of developing serious conditions such as strokes and heart attacks, and to people who have already developed a deep vein thrombosis or Pulmonary embolism. There are certain medical conditions which make developing blood clots more likely such as Atrial fibrillation, Cancer, thrombophilia and mechanical heart valves. Patients will be referred into the service by their GP or by a hospital A&E or inpatient ward.

What does the service provide?

The service will monitor the patients INR (which is the time it takes the blood to clot) on a regular basis and adjust the levels of medication they take accordingly. Patients at high risk of thrombosis will be prescribed Low molecular weight heparin if they need to stop their anticoagulant medicine due to surgery or medical procedures. Each patient will have an individualised care plan which will determine their target  INR and their length of treatment. They will be given a prescription for their medication by the Anticoagulant specialist nurse.

Who will patients meet while under your department/service’s care?

In the clinic will be a support worker who will perform a blood test from the patient’s finger to test the INR level. This takes just a few minutes, and the result is given straight away. The Anticoagulant Specialist nurse will consult with the patient to clarify any changes to their regular medications and prescribe their next course of anticoagulation.

Patients are able to ring for advice with their anticoagulation medication, and can contact the friendly office staff to change appointments.

When is the service available?

The service runs Monday to Friday with the exception of Bank Holidays. The clinics are available from 8:30am until 6.00pm at various locations throughout Heywood Middleton and Rochdale.

Where is the service provided?

The team are based at Rochdale Infirmary Outpatients Suite 6, and carry out clinics at 11 other locations around Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale for the convenience of the patients. These locations are;

Edenfield Road Surgery- Monday PM

The Langley clinic- Wednesday PM

The Phoenix Centre- Monday PM & Wednesday AM

Ashworth Street Surgery- Wednesday PM

Milnrow Health Centre- Tuesday AM

Littleborough Health Centre- Friday AM

Middleton Health Centre-Tuesday AM

Castleton Health Centre- Friday PM

Wellfield Surgery- Thursday AM

Croft Shifa Centre- Thursday AM

Alkrington Health Centre- Thursday PM

Rochdale Infirmary- Tuesday AM & Friday PM

Patients who attend Rochdale Infirmary for dialysis are seen on the dialysis unit whilst they are receiving their treatment.

A self -testing scheme is available for patients who choose to monitor their own INR

Department Contact details :                

To contact via telephone please call 01706 517446. Fax 01706 517363

Practical Information:

Patients would be reminded to bring along their yellow book, a recent medication list or repeat prescription from their GP and the name of any new medication they have commenced  since their last Anticoagulant appointment.