What We Spend

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In 2014/15 the Trust:

1) Spent over £500 million (about £1.5m per day) on providing healthcare services for local people.

2) Invested £8.1 million on capital programmes and in maintaining and improving the physical estate and on smaller projects to develop frontline clinical services.

3) Spent £4 million on medical and scientific equipment and £6.8 million on information technology to support front line clinical services.

4) Saw 317,347 A&E urgent care cases.

5) Saw 688,262 outpatients, 117,656 total inpatients and 73,835 day cases.

6) Delivered 9,785 babies

7) Made 152,551 visits to patients in their own homes to provide treatment and care.

8) Issued over 1 million items from pharmacy to inpatients, outpatients, patient discharges and ward stocks.

9) Re-processed / sterilised 223,905 instrument tray sets and 107,179 single instruments

10) Provided over 1.6 million patient meals.