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Staff Awards 2018 - Patients' Choice Award 

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Bury & Rochdale Care Organisation Nominations

Shortlisted Candidates

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Sue Ricketts - Nurse, Ward 2, Fairfield General Hospital

Sue goes above and beyond for patients. She is an absolute hero, during my stays on ward 2 she has made me feel very safe and explained everything step by step and my family also thought she was great.


Ward 8 - Fairfield General Hospital

The care they delivered to my uncle in his last days/hours was outstanding. The whole team worked together well, they were caring and compassionate, they also ensured that the family was looked after too. When my uncle passed away I was allowed to give my uncle a shave, wash him and get him into clean pjs. The nurse helped me to do this, I will never forget this, what was an upsetting situation was made into a nice memory by the kindness of the nurses on ward 8.


Monica Leech -  IBD Nurse, Fairfield General

Monica has been my port of call during my many months of flaring with my ulcerative colitis. She has been at the end of every call and even came up to the ward to see me when I was admitted at the end of May. This was despite being busy with the clinic! To have that person who understands and can help has been one of the things that has got me through this rotten illness. I wish I could verbalise what a difference she has made to me over the last few months.


Stewart Greenhalgh - CAU

Ward assistant Stuart was very friendly and is great at making you feel at ease when escorting you for a test. He was a pro-active member of the team on the Clinical Assessment Unit and he undertook his duties with a smile on his face.  He was so helpful in so many ways.



North Manchester Care Organisation Nominations

Shortlisted Candidates

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Louise McMahon - Sister, Emergency Department

Louise is singled out for her calm efficiency and the way she makes patients and their families feel reassured in A&E. Her knowledge and experience meant that a particular patient arriving with toothache was actually much more seriously unwell and had a stent fitted that same evening. Louise’s kindness and perceptiveness left a lasting impression on the patient’s family.

Kath Harrison - Colorectal Nurse Specialist, Surgery

Kath is a warm and reassuring presence for her patients. She is reliable – if she promises to do something, she keeps her word. Appointments with Kath are always on time and she shows great consideration and respect for patients in all aspects of their treatment. Kath doesn’t just see an illness or a condition; she looks after people holistically, helping them through very difficult time.

Natalie Crompton - Community Midwife

Everyone who knows Natalie speaks of her with high praise. She is conscientious; making sure every task is completed speedily but also efficiently and safety, and with great compassion. She is exceptionally understanding and goes above and beyond expectations to deliver fantastic care to women and their families. Natalie’s dedication to her patients is out of this world.

Joanne Case - Assistant Audiologist

Joanne really puts her patients first, showing unstinting care and consideration towards them. She is patient, dedicated and perseveres even when progress with someone’s hearing levels may be slow. Joanne is very kind and has great professionalism with patients, affording them dignity and respect at every step of their journey, no matter how long their treatment may take.





Oldham Care Organisation Nominations

Shortlisted Candidates

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Radio Cavell

Radio Cavell provides hospital radio services on The Royal Oldham Hospital site. The team have been dedicated to lifting the spirits of all, handcrafting playlists chosen by the patients themselves with such care and enthusiasm.

Lucy Aitkin - Ward F1, Gynaecology

One patient said: “Lucy was absolutely lovely in my time spent on the ward, went above and beyond for not just me, but me and everyone else. Seeing her big smile for the two mornings I was there was very uplifting at a traumatic time. All wards need a Lucy. She really is a diamond to the NHS.”

Another patient said: “Lucy was amazing during my stay at the hospital. She provided me with excellent care and advice during my struggle with the situation I was in. She’s a lovely bright young girl with a very hard working head on her shoulders.”

Lynne Kendrick - Specialist liver nurse (attached to Ward G2)

In 2013, I was dying from liver failure despite going into detox and rehab and abstaining from alcohol in February 2012. I was in hospital for much of 2013/14 and suffering from Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. I was hallucinating and very poorly. During that time there was only three people I trusted, my mother, Debbie - a sister on ward G2 and Lynne my specialist nurse. She fought to get me well enough to transport me to St James University Hospital in Leeds to have an assessment for a liver transplant. I am so happy to say she succeeded and I had the transplant in April 2014. It went well and I can honestly say I would not be alive today if it wasn’t for her constant support. I am still in touch with her and I know that without her many people would have given up and passed away. She is a one women force to be reckoned with and works relentlessly to help people and raise awareness of liver disorders and the causes. She does not receive the recognition she deserves.

John Mushing - Porter, pharmacy department

John looks after ‘Bridging the Gap’ students, which is an initiative which brings students from New Bridge School to experience life work placements within a healthcare environment. He takes them under his wing and shows them portering duties. He has a fantastic rapport with them, bringing humour and fun to the experience.