Manchester Single Hospital Service Programme


Vision for the future

We are creating a new, city-wide hospital Trust which will provide much better, safer, more consistent hospital care that’s fit for the future.

We’ll do this in two parts. Firstly, Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust will join together to create a new Foundation Trust in September 2017. Then North Manchester General Hospital (which is currently part of The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust) will join the new organisation around 12-18 months later.

Why things are changing

Changes to the way we organise hospitals are needed to address many health inequalities that have been identified. At the moment, you could have the same condition as someone living within miles of you, but a different chance of survival depending on when and where you use hospital services.

Appointment waiting times also vary dramatically depending on which hospital you attend and what you are being treated for. On top of this, our hospitals face significant money pressures, staff shortages and rising demands on services. The Single Hospital Service will allow us to build an organisation that’s fit and sustainable for the future.

The new city-wide hospital Trust will mean we can deliver much better, safer and more consistent quality of care across all hospital sites in the City of Manchester and Trafford. It will also bring many opportunities for us to grow research, education and investment into our region, and attract highly skilled staff. All of this will not only benefit people living in the City of Manchester and Trafford, it will benefit patients from across Greater Manchester who use our hospitals.

Greater Manchester Transformation

The Manchester Locality Plan is a vision for how we will transform health care to overcome the challenges that currently exist in the City of Manchester. The Single Hospital Service (SHS) is an important part of this, along with the development of a Local Care Organisation that will provide community-based, joined up services closer to you and your family. Work to develop the Single Hospital Service is also linked in with wider health and social care projects across Greater Manchester, including the North East Sector review of health services in North Manchester, Bury, Rochdale and Oldham.


The clear benefits of a single hospital service for the city were originally set out in the first report of Sir Jonathan Michael to Manchester’s Health and Wellbeing Board.

The full set of reports by Sir Jonathan Michael and the Trusts’ joint response can be read here:

Stage One

Stage Two

Trusts’ Response

Timeline and next steps 

Approvals for the creation of the new city-wide hospital Trust are needed from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and NHS Improvement (formerly Monitor and the Trust Development Authority). It is expected a decision will be made in summer 2017 and the new Trust will be created in September. As part of this process, we need to demonstrate the benefits for patients of creating a Single Hospital Service and doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals are leading this work.

It is expected that North Manchester General Hospital will join the new Trust 12-18 months later. This will involve a legal process to transfer NMGH from Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust into the new Trust. Again, clinicians from the three hospitals will be involved in developing shared services across sites to benefit patients. Hospital staff will be updated and involved as this work moves forward.

Work is also underway to look at how the new organisation will operate across the sites included i.e. the Oxford Road campus, Wythenshawe Hospital, Withington Community Hospital, Trafford General Hospital and Altrincham Hospital. Options for a name for the new Trust are being considered. During the coming weeks and months we will be engaging with staff, members of the public, and stakeholders across Greater Manchester to discuss improvements to services.

Benefits of a Single Hospital Service

  • Better continuity of care wherever you are treated
  • Consistently high standards of services at all hospitals
  • Stronger teams sharing specialised skills 24/7
  • Greater case to attract and keep the best staff
  • More joined up patient record and clinical systems
  • Less duplication and waste across sites
  • Increased opportunities to attract research funding