Sobbia Haq - Staff Nurse

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Sobbia Haq

Say hi to Sobbia, she is a Band 5 staff nurse on our ENT ward at Fairfield. 

Having qualified in March 2009 she’s gone on from strength to strength but her route into nursing wasn’t the smoothest.

Sobbia had wanted to be a nurse since her early teens.  After sadly losing a close family member she knew she wanted to be in a role that gave something back and nursing people felt like the natural thing for her to do.

Sobbia enrolled at a local university to start her nurse training, however her placements were a considerable distance from home and she didn’t drive. While Sobbia enjoyed the placements she found the struggle to get there on time using public transport a real challenge.  She credits her dad for her continued commitment, ‘He was so supportive, he used to give me lifts into work, even on my early shifts.  It would have been really hard without him.’

At the end of Year 1 Sobbia decided to change universities to provide her with placements closer to home and her relationship with the Bury and Rochdale care organisation began.

Quite a lot of Sobbia’s placements were at Rochdale infirmary where she worked on Coronary care, the cardiology ward and ending with ENT.  Of all her placements ENT was the most enjoyable and rewarding and she knew that this was the speciality for her. 

At the time of qualifying, nursing roles in ENT were hard to come by so when she initially qualified she took a role on a Gastro ward to make sure she didn’t lose any of her new nursing skills.  After 2 years in Gastro she secured a position with the Fairfield ENT team and has never looked back.

‘ENT is such an interesting specialty, our ward especially is really good for giving you a chance to experience different elements of nursing.  We have some medical beds so there’s a good mix of medical and surgical nursing available.’

Sobbia references the great team ethic, the support of her colleagues and the strong relationships between all professions in what makes her ward great.

So what advice would Sobbia give to any new nurses coming through currently?

‘Work as a team, value and use your support staff to plan a shift.  At the start of my shifts I always get together with my assigned support staff and plan for our day so that we can deliver the best possible care for the patients.  It’s a lot easier to deliver good care when I’ve organised my day like that and makes for a much less stressful environment for all!’