Listening Into Action

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The Pennine Acute NHS Trust adopted the Optimise LiA approach to change in July 2012, committing to delivering quality outcomes through a fundamental shift in the way we work and lead by putting staff at the heart of change.  We have dedicated professional teams using the LiA approach, committing to new ways of working to engage staff around what matters to our patients, our staff and the Trust. We are one of the first pioneering Trusts in the country to adopt the LiA way of working.

About Listening into Action

LiA is a comprehensive, outcome-oriented approach to engage all the right people behind quality outcomes. LiA is about engaging and empowering staff around any challenges in an open and transparent way. It is about mobilising and leveraging the full potential of the workforce to improve outcomes for patients, staff and for the Trust. It empowers teams to drive forward positive changes and shifts the culture and style of leadership.

There is a wealth of powerful, compelling evidence for working “the LiA way”. It has been used to engage all the right people across the usual boundaries around vision and values, the financial challenge, quality of referrals, demand management, discharge planning and other critical challenges Trusts have faced.