Equality Impact Assessments

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Equality and Diversity – Equality Impact Assessments

We recognise the vital role we play in ensuring that health inequalities are identified and eliminated. Equity and fairness are core qualities and values embedded within our organisation.  Equality impact assessments are considered to be vital to achieving fair and equal access to healthcare services and employment opportunities the Trust provides. 

What is an equality impact assessment? 

An impact assessment is a process of systematically analysing a proposed service, strategy, policy, function or similar directive to identify what effect or likely effect it may have on the people who come into contact with the organisation, such as service users or employees.

Why do we undertake equality impact assessments?

It is a moral, social and legal imperative. The aims of carrying out the impact assessments are to: 

  • Identify whether certain groups are excluded from any of our services
  • Help identify any direct or indirect discrimination

  • Assess if there is any adverse impact on particular groups

  • Consider alternative measures that might address any adverse impact

  • Mainstream equality in our policies and practices.