Ellishia Carter

Ellishia Carter

Ellishia Carter

Following a family dream…

Ellishia Carter is a Band 6 Sister working on Ward 20 at Fairfield General.  Originally from Staffordshire, Ellishia qualified in 2014 from Staffordshire University and spent time in various trusts before Pennine and the team at Fairfield captured her heart.

When asked what made her come into nursing Ellishia says: ‘People always used to tell me I’d make a great nurse.  I like to talk to people and make them smile.  My Nan especially used to say it was the profession for me and when she sadly passed away I wanted to honour her memory and live out that dream.  She was definitely right; I love my job and can’t imagine doing anything else’.

‘After I qualified I wasn’t sure where I wanted to work.  I spent time at various hospitals in the Staffordshire area but the lack of support and constant uncertainty didn’t inspire me to stay.  In 2015 I registered with an agency and started to spread my wings working at most trusts across Greater Manchester before realising that Ward 20 at Fairfield was the place for me’

When asked what it was about the ward that captured her enthusiasm, Ellishia beams ‘The team, the people!  Everyone at every level is so supportive.  In previous trusts you could go hours sometimes days without people really acknowledging you, people here are friendly and approachable.  Within a month of starting I’d met my senior nurses because they’d made the effort to get to know me, I’d never had that anywhere else.’

Ellishia has gone on to become a strong member of the ward 20 team and recently secured a Band 6 position.  She says of her new role ‘I love it!  I’ve learnt so much and continue to do so but I’ve never been left to flounder.

So for new nurses out there looking at their first step on the career ladder, what’s Ellishia’s advice?

‘Don’t be scared!’  I can’t deny that stepping out as a newly qualified nurse for the first time was so daunting but you’re never alone.  Certainly at Pennine, there’s always someone there with more experience who can support you and show you the way, all you have to do is ask.’