Patient Menus

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The catering services department is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional service whilst you are a guest in one of our hospitals. We provide a range of menus to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of all our patients.

Special Diets

If you need a therapeutic diet for medical reasons, please inform the ward staff, who will liaise with the catering and dietetic department, as appropriate.

The following separate menus are available on request:

  • Gluten Free
  • No added salt
  • Low potassium and sodium (renal)
  • Allergy free
  • Low residue.

Special diets are also available for religious and cultural reasons, as follows:

  • Halal prepared in strict halal conditions.
  • Kosher prepared under the supervision of the Manchester and
  • London Beth Din and is Kedassia approved.
  • Afro-Caribbean

Copies of the patient menus for each of our hospital sites are also available below in our related documents section.


The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the National Patient Safety Association (NPSA) believe that hydration is a top priority for the wellbeing of patients. Good hydration is essential in preventing or treating ailments such as:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Constipation
  • Urinary Tract Infections and incontinence
  • Kidney stones
  • Heart disease
  • Low blood pressure
  • Management of diabetes
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Dizziness and confusion (leading to falls)
  • Poor oral health
  • Skin conditions.

Dehydration can increase a patient's length of hospital stay and the risk of mortality in some cases. Improving hydration brings wellbeing and better quality of life for patients. It can also allow reduced use of medication and prevent illness. Recommendations suggest that people should not be drinking less than 1.6 litres per day.

Fresh chilled drinking water should be available to you throughout the day in addition to the fruit juices and hot drinks you receive with your meals. It is important to ensure you are adequately hydrated at all times, as this can improve your overall wellbeing.

The Trust is rolling out the use of different coloured lids for patient water jugs. This identifies when the water in the jugs has been refreshed and is used in conjunction with fluid charts, which are completed by the nursing staff, to record the intake of water by patients per day. Fluid intake charts are monitored by all clinical grades to ensure all patients are continually hydrated and do not suffer other unnecessary health issues whilst in our care.

Food brought in by visitors
For health and safety reasons no food should be brought in by visitors unless by prior agreement with the Ward Sister. Where consent has been given, food cannot be kept in bedside lockers. Foods brought in should be eaten immediately, although may be dated with the patients name and kept in the ward kitchen fridge and discarded after 24 hours. For further details on which foods can be brought into our hospitals, please have a look at our food safety advice.

For your family & friends
Restaurants are available on all sites serving a selection of hot and cold meals, snacks and beverages. Click here for further details on the range of restaurants and shops available on all our hospital sites.

We make every effort to provide a first class service which is to your satisfaction and welcome your comments. Should you wish to talk to the Catering Manager please contact the catering office on 0161 720 2186.

Pennine Cusine - Abolishing Food Waste to Zero on Maternity Wards

The Catering Department at North Manchester General Hospital and The Royal Oldham Hospital have managed to reduce food wastage on the maternity wards from 26% to 0% with a new initiative called Pennine Cusine. 

The ladies who are admitted to either the ante or post natal wards in the new Women and Children's wards can now effectively order food 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, choosing from an a la carte menu, which includes starters, salads, hot meals, sweets and beverages. And because food is ordered when it is wanted, there is no wastage.

The 'dining at your request' scenario works by patients being issued with a menu and the ordering system explained to them as soon as they are admitted onto the ward. They are encouraged to order when they are ready to eat, or to stipulate a time when they would prefer to eat, rather than being restricted to traditional mealtimes. Meals can be served within 15 minutes of patients ordering the food and they are served on a special tray, which includes all the crockery, cutlery and table/tray ware they need. All hot choices on the menu are supplied by I-Wave Automated Food Solutions, whilst the cold choices are prepared daily in the kitchens at North Manchester General Hospital and transferred to the ward in insulated trolleys.

Although patients are free to choose what they want to eat and when they want to eat it, the catering team have found that most patients tend to stick to the main traditional mealtimes such as 12.00 noon to 1.00pm for lunch and between 5.00pm to 6.00pm for evening meals.