Nabeela Khan

“The care was second to none” 

New mum Nabeela Khan from Rochdale has praised the care and treatment she received within maternity services at North Manchester General Hospital, following the birth of her son. 

“I found the services at the Trust to be really good. Fantastic actually! I had fantastic labour support and I had complications throughout the labour and delivery which I felt were dealt with in an excellent way. In fact the care was second to none.

“The staff made me feel like they had a lot of time for me. Especially the anaesthetic staff who cared for me during my time on the labour ward. Dr Sawyer and operating department practitioner Gavin Wild were excellent in caring for me, keeping me safe and my husband calm through a very stressful time.

“I also had excellent postnatal care from my midwife Lauren Smith on the postnatal ward. She was really nice and supportive and gave me lots of encouragement to breastfeed and realistic expectations for my first night as a new mum.”

Nabeela was also supported by lead midwife, infant feeding co-ordinator Jennifer Sager, who has qualified as a lactation consultant. Nabeela continued: “I had a really bad night before Jen came to see me. My baby had been really unsettled and I was uncomfortable and really didn’t think that what I was doing was right. My nipples were sore and I didn’t feel that I was providing what I needed to for my baby.

“As soon as Jen came to see me and spoke to me about how the night had been and the feeding patterns of my baby, I felt miles better. She went through the importance of getting my baby in the right position before he feeds so he doesn’t cause me any pain and she went through the frequency of feeds and how he is comforted by just being with me.

“After that he fed beautifully. I could feed him without any support and didn’t worry that it was going to be painful. In fact now, I am really enjoying feeding him and spending this time with him. It’s our time.”