Joyce McGrath

“The results from my cataract surgery are amazing”  

After visiting the opticians for a routine eye test, Joyce McGrath, 68 from Bury, was told she had cataracts forming in both her eyes and she was referred by her GP to Mr Chaudhary, consultant ophthalmologist at Fairfield General Hospital.

“When Mr Chaudhary initially said I would need to have surgery on both eyes, I was very apprehensive as I didn’t think my eyesight was that bad,” Joyce recalled. “But he explained the cataracts would gradually get worse and my eyesight would deteriorate over time. So I agreed to go ahead with the surgery as a day patient at Rochdale Infirmary Eye Unit.”

“On the day of my operation, I arrived at the eye ward at 8am, the nurse checked all my details and I was made to feel very welcome and offered a cup of coffee.”

“During the next hour, Mr Williams, the anaesthetist and Mr Chaudhary both came to see me and explained exactly what would happen, before, during and after the procedure. I found this reassuring that I was fully aware of what to expect.”

“When it was time for the procedure, Peter from the theatre team came to collect me and took me to the anaesthetic room. I’m sure he could sense how nervous I was but he was fantastic, making jokes and completely putting me at ease. He also explained exactly what would happen during the procedure, what I would feel and what I wouldn’t feel. He finished by saying, “if you see a bright light, whatever you do don’t go towards it!“

“The procedure itself went exactly how they said it would and I was back on the ward having coffee and biscuits in no time and on my way home within the hour.”

“The results were amazing, I never realised how bad my eyesight was until after the operation, I can now see perfectly from my left eye. It had been over 20 years since I’ve had any surgery and I was very nervous about going into hospital.”

“All the staff throughout my stay at Rochdale Infirmary were brilliant, they completely put me at ease and took away all my anxieties about the procedure and I’m delighted with the results and looking forward to getting the other eye done.”