Frank Moss

“They changed my life. I know if I need anything I can just ask”  

Anyone who goes to visit Frank Moss will usually find the 78-year- old sitting quietly in his armchair, either listening to Radio 4, or watching one of the black and white films he remembers from his youth.

After the death of his mother, with whom he lived, Frank hit a cycle of illness and after himself and his home. It was only when he collapsed last October that the full extent of both his medical and social problems became apparent.

Once Frank had been admitted into North Manchester General Hospital he was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Recognising that there were additional wellbeing needs, Frank was looked after through our new integrated discharge care unit that brings together health and social care service and expertise as one team so that patients can be supported and fully prepared for life after a stay in hospital.

This innovative new service has been developed in partnership between The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Manchester City Council and NHS North Manchester Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). It brings multi-disciplinary staff together from the Trust, Manchester, Bury and Rochdale Councils, the CCG and the voluntary sector into a joint service.

The service aims to provide better care and support for patients with long term or complex care needs by providing a more streamlined, seamless and integrated experience.

By sharing resources and expertise across local health and social care, this example of integration between our partner organisations helps improve access to healthcare and improves the overall patient experience by speeding up the discharge and re-admission process and ultimately aiding our patients recovery and rehabilitation, whether at home or in the community.

When asked about how the team had helped him his answer is concise but compelling. Franks says: “They changed my life. I know if I need anything I can just ask.”