Tinnitus Clinic

Why might patients be referred to this department?

The tinnitus service is available to those patients who complain of troublesome tinnitus.

What will happen and who will you meet?

At your appointment the tinnitus specialist will discuss your problem with you and undertake a number of tests as appropriate. This may include a hearing test and other assessments of your ear(s) function. Advice will be offered regarding any diagnosis, which may have been made, and ways in which the effects of your tinnitus might be reduced. Review(s) will be booked as required and support offered for as long as is required. There is a senior audiologist within the department with a special interest in tinnitus, along with a dually qualified hearing therapist/audiologist. Whilst these clinicians lead the tinnitus service there are a number of other audiologists within the department with training in the management of tinnitus who may also be able to assess and treat your complaint.

Where can you find these services?

The service is based at North Manchester General Hospital. Please contact the department for more information.

When is the department open?

Appointments slots vary depending on demand but are usually available from 8am to 4.45pm during the week.

How can you contact the department?

Telephone - 0161 720 2678




Fax - 0161 720 2524

Key Members of Staff

Miss Shona Lewis - Senior Audiologist and Tinnitus Clinic Lead

Mr Terry Allen - Hearing Therapist & Audiologist