Speech & Language Therapy Services - North Manchester Community

The North Manchester Community Speech and Language Therapy service is part of the main Speech and Language Therapy department based at North Manchester General Hospital, and provides assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of people with disorders of swallowing and communication within the community setting. Such disorders may be the result of the following:-

  •          Dementia
  •          Stroke
  •          Progressive neurological disease
  •          Chronic Obstructive Airway Disorders
  •          Head  injury
  •          Mental health issues
  •          Cancer
  •          General debilitation due to the aging process  ( frail elderly)

Care Home residents in particular with swallowing problems are at high risk of choking and/or aspiration pneumonia The primary aim of the service is to prevent escalation of symptoms which may otherwise result in admission to hospital, and therefore maintain level of care within the primary care setting. The service has a direct link with the hospital based specialist speech and language therapy videofluoroscopy clinic which ensures a rapid and seamless pathway of care to instrumental analysis of the swallow.

Speech and Language Therapists work in partnership with the individual, family, and other professionals to reduce the impact of the swallowing and/or communication difficulty on the patient’s health, wellbeing and ability to participate in everyday life. They also input into the assessment of a patient’s mental capacity in order that their best interests are properly served.

Referrals for assessment are made via letter or fax from the following sources:-

  •          G.Ps
  •          Care Home staff
  •          Active Case Managers
  •          District Nurses
  •          AHPs
  •          Specialist nurses
  •          Social services
  •          Hospital consultants
  •          Self referral

The service is delivered over 52 weeks of the year Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays. Working hours are between 8.00am and 4.30pm.

The service is accessible to all adults (16+) who are registered with a North Manchester G.P. The service is driven by patient choice with an open access policy. Assessment and treatment are delivered at locations best suited to the patient’s individual needs. These may be the patient’s home, care home, day centre, or as an Outpatient in the speech and language therapy department. 

Department Contact number: 0161 720 2232