Who is the service for?

The Portering Service is an important key support service that helps keep the Trusts Hospitals  running smoothly and efficiently.

What does the service provide?

Responsible for the movement of patients around the hospital, removal of clinical and non-clinical waste, provision of medical gases and other clinically related consumables. They are also responsible for the delivery of supplies and equipment to wards and departments, and they also provide the hospitals postal services.

Who will patients meet?

Patients are very likely to come into contact with a porter. The porter is the most likely member of staff to take you through the hospital to different Departments if you need a wheelchair or if you are on a bed or a stretcher. Porters are probably one of the best people to stop and ask for directions as they tend to know the hospital sites so well. They are always seen walking through the corridors moving patients, equipment and supplies around.

When is the service available?

The service is provided over a 24-hour period 7 Days a week including  bank holidays.

Where is the service provided?

At all four main hospital sites of the Trust.

Department contact details

Portering Services TROH: 0161 627 8457, email: distribution@pat.nhs.uk,

Out of Hours  bleep 7667, mobile 07980 703204

Portering Services FGH: 0161 778 2599

Portering Services RI: 01706 517321

Portering Services NMGH: 0161 922 3609

Key staff

Ms J. Moran, Portering Services Manager, Oldham

Mr I. Coop,  Portering Services Manager, Bury and Rochdale

Mr  E. McKenzie, Portering Services Manager, North Manchester