Paediatric Audiology Service

The Paediatric Audiology Service performs hearing tests and provides hearing rehabilitation for children 0 – 16 years.

North Manchester General Hospital Paediatric Audiology Service provides a comprehensive range of specialist diagnostic hearing tests for children of all ages (0-16 years). We offer a well established hearing aid service, which includes assessment, fitting and review. The service benefits from close and effective working relationships with multi-disciplinary team members such as ENT medical consultants and staff, speech and language therapy and sensory support teachers.

Why might patients be referred to this department?

Children who have failed or missed their newborn hearing screening test, children who have failed their school-entry hearing screening test, children who have had recent serious illnesses, which are known to sometimes affect hearing (for example meningitis) children with speech and language concerns or any child of any age where there is parental (or teacher) concern.

What will happen and who will you meet?

The Paediatric Audiology Service offers a range of hearing tests depending on the age and ability of the child. Babies under the age of 6 months are usually required to be asleep for their hearing test. Children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years are always tested by two qualified and experienced Audiologists. School-age children are usually able to wear headphones for their hearing test. The Audiologists will introduce themselves and explain the tests to be done in clinic.  You will be told the outcome of the tests on the same day. There are a number of staff members within the audiology department who are trained to perform paediatric tests. Two of these staff are dedicated paediatric audiologists and will oversee the clinics although may not always be present at all appointments.

Where can you find these services?

The service is based at North Manchester General Hospital with paediatric testing suites in Children’s Outpatients and Outpatients B. If a referral is received from Community Services, (i.e. Health Visitor, School Nurse, Speech and Language Therapist), then the appointment can usually take place at a local health centre. Children referred from General Practitioners and ENT Consultants are usually seen at the hospital.

When is the department open?

The department is open during office hours Mon- Friday 8.15 am – 4.15 pm.

Appointments slots vary depending on demand but are usually available from 8am to 6.00 pm during the week.  Occasional Saturday appointments are also offered.

For more detailed opening times please contact the Audiology department directly using the information below.

How can you contact the department?

Telephone  - 0161 720 2678


Fax  - 0161 720 2524

Key Members of Staff

Mrs Julie Bradley  – Paediatric Lead

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