Who is the service for?

Patients can be referred as an outpatient by their Hospital Consultant or GP.  Patients may also be seen on the ward as an inpatient.

What does the service provide?

Orthotics is a service that provides devices called Orthoses. These are usually given to help to prevent or correct deformity and/or improve function. This can be as a result of injury or due to the way our bodies alter over time. 

Orthoses fall into many different groups such as:

  • footwear and insoles
  • callipers and splints
  • spinal braces
  • knee braces
  • compression hosiery

Who will patients meet?

Patients will see an Orthotic Officer who can measure for some simple orthoses and who also takes care of all the administration for the clinic such as appointments. Most patients referred to the service will be assessed and reviewed by an Orthotist.

When is the service available?

There is an Orthotic Officer available between 8.30 - 12.30 and 1.30-4.30 each clinic day. 

Clinic days and collection days for picking up and dropping off orthoses for repair, differ on each hospital site so it is important to check your letter or speak to the Orthotic officer for your local hospital site.

Where is the service provided?

There is an Orthotic Department on each hospital site:

North Manchester: Outpatients Department B, First Floor, North Manchester General Hospital. Can be accessed from main entrance C or the main entrance on Delaunays Road.

Oldham: Ground Floor (right hand side), J Block, Royal Oldham Hospital. There is an entrance directly in front of the department.

Rochdale: Suite 2, Outpatients Department, Rochdale Infirmary. Can be accessed from Whitehall or Quarry Street Entrances.

Bury: Renshaw Suite, Outpatients Department, Fairfield General Hospital (opposite the WRVS café bar). Best accessed from the main entrance.

Department contact details

North Manchester: 0161 720 2164

Oldham: 0161 627 8890

Rochdale: 01706 517055

Bury: 0161 778 2847

Practical information

It is important to bring any prescribed orthoses to your appointment so that they can be reviewed. 

If you have been advised you will need to pay a prescription charge, please bring a method of payment or current proof of exemption.

Key staff/consultants

Susan Jones, Professional Manager, Orthotics and Podiatry Services.

Ian Sanders, Clinical Services Manager.