North Manchester Treatment Centre

The NMTC is the ‘Ambulatory Care Hub’ for North Manchester. Ambulatory care is care which is delivered to patients within a twelve hour time period, after which they will go home. Many conditions which hitherto required in-patient treatment, can with advances in technology, be treated in the ambulatory care setting.

Who is the service for? 

North Manchester Treatment Centre (NMTC) is co–located  at the North Manchester General Hospital Site, currently integrated within the A&E department. The service is designed to treat those patients ( aged over 16 ) within the defined Ambulatory Care Sensitive (ACS) and  Ambulatory Emergency Conditions (AEC). These are a group of conditions that, with access to same day diagnostics, assessment and clinical opinion can now be managed as a same day case rather than a hospital admission. The Centre is ’Outward Facing’ with a primary care ethos which can provide support and treatment plans for Health Care Professionals who may have a diagnostic dilemma with patients in the primary care and community setting.

The service is for any patient expected to be assessed, managed, and discharged on the same day.

Patients are referred by GPs, health professionals and by Accident and Emergency. The NMTC does not accept self referral/walk in patients without referral.

What does the service provide? 

The following are examples of  conditions the service can manage, provided the patient is clinically and haemodynamically stable. The list is not exhaustive.

  •   Pulmonary embolism
  •   Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
  •   Acute headache (no focal neurology, GCS 15/15)
  •   Chest pain
  •   AF
  •   LRTI (CURP 0-2)
  •   Deranged Kidney functions
  •   Ascites drain
  •        Epileptic seizure (first & known)
  •        Abnormal LFTs
  •        Low risk upper GI bleeding
  •        Anaemia for initial assessment and/or blood transfusion
  •        Exacerbation of Chronic heart failure

Other Conditions maybe accepted on discussion with clinical staff.

The NMTC provides Assessment, diagnostics and treatment including the provision of essential medications. Services include: x-ray

facility, on-site blood and arterial blood gas analysis, fast track microbiology and ECG. Patients  receive ongoing assessment, treatment and observation. In addition, there is also a waiting area where patients can wait for test results.

Who will patients meet while under your department/service’s care? 

We are a multi-disciplinary team comprising of highly skilled staff (Doctors, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, G.Ps on a sessional basis, Assistant Practitioners, Reception and Administration staff). With access to community services and social services. The staff have a wide and varied range of expertise to ensure that we deliver high quality care for your patients. The Centre is supported by  Emergency Consultants from within the Trust.

When is the service available? 

7 days a week, inclusive of Bank Holidays. 8am-9pm, last referral taken at 6pm.

Where is the service provided? 

North Manchester General Hospital
Delauneys Road
M8 5RB

Department contact details: 

Reception and GP referrals: 0161 604 5380 or 0161 604 5861

Key Staff

Dr Ashraf Kamour, Consultant Physician

Dr Hassan AbuZour,Consultant Physician

Dr Celia Hogan, Consultant Physician