Neonatal Intensive Care Unit The Royal Oldham Hospital

Who is the service for?

Critically sick and / or preterm newborn babies or babies who require additional support immediately or shortly after birth.

What does the service provide?

Provides the highest level of specialist intensive care for the sickest infants and preterm babies from within Pennine Acute Hospitals and also accepts referrals for intensive care from out of the greater Manchester area. The unit also provides high dependency and special care for babies who longer require intensive care.

Who will patients meet?

  • Neonatal Nurses / Midwives – Specialist Nurses trained in the care of sick and premature babies
  • Neonatal Health Care Assistant – Health care assistants who support the nursing staff and have specific training to care for sick and premature babies
  • Neonatal House Keepers – House keepers who help support the unit by ensuring the unit is clean and tidy and stocked with all necessary
  • Consultant Neonatologists – Specialist Consultants who are highly skilled in the care and management of the critically ill and extremely premature baby
  • Registrars / Junior Doctors – Specialist doctors who will be working with the neonatologist in managing the babies on the unit
  • Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioners – Senior Nurses who have undergone highly specialist advanced training usually to Masters Degree level who work as part of the team of doctors on the unit.
  • Ward Clerk / receptionist – Staff who provide the necessary clerical support to the unit, often answering the telephone and main entrance greeting you as you come onto the unit.
  • Neonatal Pharmacist – A specialist pharmacist who supports the unit
  • Physiotherapist – A physiotherapist who has specific skills in managing the problems associated with sick and preterm babies
  • Dietician – A dietician who is trained to look after the nutritional need of sick and premature babies
  • Radiographer – A member of staff who may come to the unit to take your babies x-ray with the x-ray machine located on the unit
  • Hearing Screeners – Members of hearing screening team who provide hearing screening on the unit.
  • Domestic staff – Members of the domestic team who work regularly on the unit ensuring its cleanliness

When is the service available?

24 hour service.

Where is the service provided?

First floor of the Main hospital building at Oldham adjacent to the Labour Ward.

Department contact details

Lynn Bowe. Intensive Care Matron / Unit manager 0161 627 8151.

Key staff/consultants

Yvonne Tunstall - Divisional Nurse Manager

Kath Leighton - Directorate Manager

Dr Jonathan Moise - Clinical Director / Consultant Neonatologist

Ian Yates - Neonatal Lead Nurse

Lynn Bowe - Intensive care Matron / Unit Manager