Lung (Pennine Lung Service)

Who is the service for?

This service is for all patients either referred in by their GP or seen as an emergency with respiratory disease and the associated conditions of the lungs and respiratory muscles.

What does the service provide?

The Respiratory service provides a range of complex diagnostic and enhanced specialist interventional procedures for patients with respiratory disease.

We have one of the largest diagnostic lung cancer services in the country  where people are seen within 2 weeks  - but on average within 1 week. Lung Cancer patients will often have a CT scan before clinic and then be seen at either FGH or NMGH. The service is supported by colleagues from the Christie and the Thoracic surgical centre at Wythenshawe.

General Respiratory Outpatient appointments are offered at all sites except Birch Hill. Specialist clinics for patients with the following conditions are also provided on a variety of sites:

  • Severe Asthma (NMGH)
  • Bronchiectasis (NMGH , RI)
  • Tuberculosis (NMGH, ROH. RI)
  • Pleural clinic and Thoracoscopy procedures (NMGH)
  • Interstitial Lung Disease (FGH, NMGH, ROH)
  • Sleep (NMGH, ROH, FGH)

The Trust also provides:

  • Home Oxygen Assessment Service
  • Nebuliser loan and issue
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation (FGH and NMGH and ROH)
  • Home & Community based COPD care (NMGH and ROH)

The service has specialist respiratory inpatient beds at: FGH, NMGH and ROH.

The Trust has a specialist respiratory and physiology diagnostic service offering a range of  diagnostic testing.

Who will the patient meet?

  • Respiratory specialist nurses

  • Respiratory specialist Physiotherapists
  • Nursing

  • Consultant Physicians

  • Radiography staff

  • Physiological measurement staff

When is the service available?

The Respiratory service is available 7 days a week for all emergency referrals and Monday to Friday for non-emergency out-patient referrals from your GP.

The community service provides homes visits 7 days a week.

Where is the service provided?

Outpatient services are provided at all sites within the Trust with the exception of Birch Hill Hospital. Inpatient services are only provided at Fairfield Hospital, North Manchester and The Royal Oldham.

North Manchester General Hospital, 
Delaunays Road
, Crumpsall
, Manchester
, Greater Manchester, 
M8 5RB

The Royal Oldham Hospital
, Rochdale Road
, Oldham
, Greater Manchester
, OL1 2JH

Fairfield General Hospital
, Rochdale Old Road, 
, Manchester
, BL9 7TD

Rochdale Infirmary, 
Whitehall Street
, Rochdale, 
OL12 0NB

Department contact details?

Please refer to the contact number at the top of your referral letter.

Practical information

Please bring details of medicines currently being taken to all out-patient appointments. When being admitted please refer to your confirmation letter for specific guidance on what to do before attending the hospital.

Key staff / consultants

Directorate manager 
Emma Flynn

Asthma Specialist Nurses -
Karl Balance,
 Jackie Pye

TB nurses
 - Sarah Nuttall
, Chris Richardson

Lung Cancer (Macmillan) Specialist Nurses - 
Jane Weir, 
Amanda Dand, 
Chrissie Charlesworth
, Paula Hall
, Carol Telford

Dr Z Borrill

Dr T Duncan

Dr K Gow

Dr C Hougthon

Dr J Hoyle

Mr A Khan

Dr M Longshaw

Dr S McCallum

Dr J Miles

Dr M Najib

Dr G Ng Man Kwong

Dr P O’Donnell

Dr N Sehgal

Dr A Sinniah

Dr W Thomas

Dr D Thomson

Dr D Weir