Information Management & Digital

Who is the service for?

The service is for anyone who has an enquiry about information technology or information management at the Trust. 

What does the service provide?

Within the combined Pennine Acute Hospitals and Salford Royal Acute Hospital leadership arrangements of a Committee in Common, Corporate Services are being reviewed to assure fitness for purpose. From 1st April 2017 the Information Management & Technology (IM&T) teams report into separate directorates as informatics teams and digital teams.

IM&T services are now at the centre of the Healthcare revolution, delivering the NHS England 2020 vision for paperless care, providing citizens with access to their personal health record and providing the access to the data from which future health and social care models will be developed (Population Health).

The safe management of personal data including consent to share models, Information Governance legislation and Data Protection legislation, requires robust IM&T systems and processes.

The Information and IM&T departments serve the Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust activities within the hospital and the communities of Bury, Oldham, Heywood, Middleton, Rochdale and North Manchester.

The Information team is led by the Director of Information and Business Intelligence and is responsible for developing strategic systems to support the supply of high quality management information that assists the monitoring of key targets, milestones and KPIs across all functional areas of the Trust.

The combined Pennine Acute Hospitals and Salford Royal Acute team provides information to support service delivery, management and clinical divisions and reconfiguration of services including the Pennine Improvement Plan and the Salford Digital Health Enterprise.

The Information Management & Technology team is led by the Associate Chief Information Officer and is responsible for:

  • Managing and supporting all aspects of IM&T infrastructure including communications
  • Providing day to day support to end users via the IT Business Centre
  • Managing the technology elements within business change initiatives
  • Deriving maximum value from technology investments including training the user base
  • Purchasing of all IM&T equipment
  • Ensuring common technology standards are implemented across the Trust.

The Pennine Acute Hospitals IM&T department is entering an exciting phase of the Trust’s improvement plan to meet the CQC requirements. An extensive infrastructure improvement programme is underway to facilitate the delivery of the highest standards of patient care through digitisation including cloud services, software defined solutions, unified communications and collaborative procurements within the Manchester Devolution landscape.

At the centre of the IM&T programmes, the Pennine Acute Hospitals aim to deploy a high quality Electronic Patient Record within the NHS England Centre of Global Digital Excellence Programme.

A new way of delivering digital services into the Pennine/Salford Local Care Organisations is emerging that aims to provide a highly skilled, highly motivated workforce within a positive culture that guarantees the highest quality of healthcare centred upon world class staff/citizen services.

Who will patients meet?

Whilst the teams are not normally patient facing, the NHS 2020 paperless vision includes the provision of citizen services (such as patient access to their personal health record), meaning local patient consultation is increasingly necessary to assure the services we provide.

As Hospital services integrate ever tighter with pre-hospital, GP, Mental Health and Community Services, the involvement of citizens is becoming increasingly important. The emerging need to capture of health and social care (lifestyle) data from readily available consumer devices will also necessitate closer citizen relationships.

If you have any comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the IM&T department via email address Please note that requests for information should be submitted via the advertised Freedom of Information mechanisms.

When is the service available?

Infrastructure support is delivered on a 24/7/365 basis.

Core department hours are 8-00am – 5-00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Where is the service provided?

Based predominantly at North Manchester General Hospital, IM&T services are available across all of the Trust's four hospital sites plus associated community locations.

Department contact details

For IM&T support enquiries please contact the IM&T Business Centre on 0161 604 5678.

IM&T Department Structure


The IM&T department is led by the Associate Chief Information Officer:

Name: Phillip James




Information Department Structure


The Information department is led by the Director of Information and Business Intelligence:

Name: Emma Birchall



Practical information

Should you require information not contained within these pages please refer to the Trust’s advertised Freedom of Information mechanisms.

Key staff

Combined Pennine Acute Hospitals / Salford Royal Digital Strategy is led by the Group Director of Digital:

Name: Rachel Dunscombe



The IM&T Business Centre is managed by the Deputy CIO:

Name: Jiten Patel



All IT Programmes are managed by the Digital Programme Manager:

Name: Martin Lindsay



Please note that IM&T procurement is conducted through the advertised government frameworks.