Haematology Lab Services

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Who is the service for?

Samples for haematology laboratory investigations are received and processed from both General Practitioners within Primary Care and Consultant led in-patient and out-patient services within the hospitals at Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. Haematology supports both diagnosis and treatment in a wide range of disease of the blood and bone marrow including anaemia and leukaemia as well as supporting the general clinical management of patients.

What does the service provide?

Laboratory Haematology provides routine and urgent blood counting and morphological film examination, coagulation screening, blood transfusion (blood grouping, antibody screening and blood/blood product provision), specialist coagulation and haemoglobinopathy investigations to both General Practitioners within Primary Care and to Consultant led services within the hospitals at Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust.

Who will patients meet?

Haematology staff do not have any direct patient contact, if a patient delivers their own sample to a one of the 3 laboratories then they would be greeted by our specimen reception staff.

When is the service available?

24 hours a day cover is provided on three sites.

Where is the service provided?

The Royal Oldham Hospital

Granville St

Postal Address:

Rochdale Rd



North Manchester General Hospital

The ESL Laboratory is located on the main hospital corridor.

Postal Address:

Delaunays Rd



M8 5RB

Fairfield General Hospital

The Laboratory is located behind the Broadoak Suite adjacent to Fairfield House.

Postal Address:

Rochdale Old Rd



Department contact details

Haematology contact number

ROH 0161 627 8370

FGH 0161 778 2597

NMGH 0161 605 5387

Key staff/consultants

Jennie Rogers – Interim Haematology & Blood Transfusion Services Manager

0161 656 1678 (Internal 71678)

Jane Uttley - Technical Manager Blood Transfusion

0161 656 1761 (Internal 71761)

Heather Lees – Interim Technical Manager Haematology, Quality, IT & Blood Coagulation

0161 778 5439 (Internal 75439)

Jane Nelson - Technical Manager Haematology, Health & Safety, General Haematology

0161 656 1762 (Internal 71762)