Emergency Assessment Unit (North Manchester)

The Emergency Assessment Unit is different to an A&E department and provides a thorough assessment and all relevant investigations necessary to treat patients who come to the hospital for unplanned investigations and treatment.

After initial treatment, the service also makes sure to book all appropriate outpatient appointments if it becomes necessary for the patient’s condition to be monitored, or for further treatment to be carried out.

Why might patients be referred to this department?

Patients would be referred to the Emergency Assessment Unit for medical opinion from their GPs, the hospital’s A&E department and some outpatient clinics, the main purpose is to assess the patients and provide a management plan and safely discharge them back into the community, or in some cases admit them to a medical ward.

What will happen and who will you meet?

It is difficult to say exactly what will happen, as everyone’s individual requirements will be different. However, you could meet any one of the friendly team, including the Clinical Matron. Senior Sisters, Junior Sisters. Staff Nurses, Support Workers, Porters, Ward Clerks and Cleaners.

Where can you find these services?

The Unit is based on H3 and 4 at: 
North Manchester General Hospital
Delaunays Road
M8 5RB.

When is the department open?

The Unit is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and visiting times are from 3pm to 4pm and 6.30pm to 8pm only.

How can you contact the department?

By telephone on 0161 720 2216.

Key Members of staff

Doctor Martin Patrick

Doctor Tamer Al-Sayed

Doctor Seleena Farook

Doctor Hassan Abu Zour

Doctor Anna Pokvajac

Matron Sue Petterson

Senior Sister Colette Shipley

Senior Sister Vivien Poller