Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT)

Who is the service for?

Adults and children presenting with conditions affecting the ear, nose and throat. In addition, conditions affecting the thyroid, parathyroid and salvary glands are seen in the ENT department.

What does the service provide?

The speciality provides a diagnostic and treatment service for acute and chronic conditions affecting the ears, nose/sinuses and throat. It also provides an early diagnosis  and treatment service for malignant diseases of the head and neck. In addition, there is expertise in the treatment of thyroid and parathyroid conditions, as well as specialist middle ear surgery and bone anchored hearing aids.

Who will patients meet?

  • Consultant surgeons
  • Middle grade and junior doctors in training
  • Nursing/outpatient and theatre staff
  • Audiologists
  • Speech and language specialists
  • Radiology staff
  • Anaesthetists

When is the service available?

The service is provided from Monday to Friday with a 24/7 emergency service.

Where is the service provided?

Outpatient services at Fairfield General, North Manchester General and the Royal Oldham hospitals. There is a community clinic at Nye Bevan House in Rochdale.

Inpatient services at Fairfield General and North Manchester General hospitals.

Day case services at Fairfield General Hospital.

Department contact details

Please refer to the contact number at the top of your referral letter.

Practical information

Please bring details of medicines currently being taken to all outpatient appointments. When being admitted please refer to your confirmation letter for specific guidance on what to do before attending the hospital.

Key staff/consultants

Mr S Agrawal

Mr K Ali

Mr S Ghosh

Mr M Motamed

Mr P Murthy

Mr I J Sheppard

Mr A P Zarod

Directorate Manager - Ms Rachel Scott