Community Services - North Manchester


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On 1st July 2018 , North Manchester Community Services were transferred into the

Manchester Local Care Organisation (MLCO), and to the employment of  Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT). Since April 2018 , MLCO has been leading community health services, adult social care direct services, some public health services and a range of new models for providing care in the city. This means that Manchester has a pioneering new public sector organisation to deliver the services people need outside of the hospitals.

A partnership organisation

MLCO is a partnership organisation. It’s made up of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester City Council, Manchester Health and Care Commissioning and The Manchester Primary Care Partnership. The partners are committed to working together to help improve the lives of the people of Manchester and bringing their community services together through MLCO. They host the staff deployed to MLCO which is important as it ensures that you retain the NHS terms and conditions you would expect whilst being part of an exciting new organisation. This is year one of a ten-year plan to develop MLCO. Over the coming years, our intention is to bring more services into the organisation so we can provide truly integrated community care.

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