Bowel Cancer Screening

Who is the service for?

The NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme offers screening every two years to all men and women aged 60 to 74. People in this age group will automatically be sent an invitation, then their screening kit, so they can do the test at home. The GP will provide contact details.

What does the service provide?

Bowel cancer screening aims to detect bowel cancer at an early stage, in people with no symptoms, when treatment is more likely to be effective. Bowel cancer screening can also detect polyps. These are not cancers, but may develop into cancers over time. They can easily be removed, reducing the risk of bowel cancer developing.

The screening test detects tiny amounts of blood, which you cannot normally see in your bowel motions. It is called the Faecal Occult Blood (FOB) test. The FOB test does not diagnose bowel cancer, but the results will tell you whether you need an examination of your bowel, a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is an investigation that involves looking directly at the lining of your large bowel through a thin flexible tube with a camera attached. This procedure is the most effective way to diagnose bowel cancer.

Who will patients meet while under your department’s/service’s care?

People with an abnormal test result will be seen in the clinic by SSP’s, Specialist Screening Practitioners. They will explain the colonoscopy investigation, complete a medical history assessment and make a decision as to the patient’s suitability to proceed to colonoscopy.

Accredited Screening Consultants will undertake the colonoscopy investigation.

Endoscopy and ward staff will provide support for patient during their time spent in the department.

When is the service available?

The service provides community clinics and hospital screening Monday to Friday.

Where is the service provided?

Clinics are held in the community to service the population within the Pennine footprint:

Moorgate Primary Care Centre, 22 Derby Way, Bury, BL9 0NJ.

Ings Lane Clinic, Phoenix St, Rochdale, OL12 7DW.

Oldham Integrated Care Centre, New Radcliffe St, Oldham, OL1 1NL.

Higher Openshaw Primary Care Centre, Ashton Old Rd, Manchester, M11 1JG.


Endoscopy Units for screening colonoscopy lists:

Fairfield General Hospital

Rochdale Old Road




Rochdale Infirmary

Whitehall Street



OL12 0NB


Full role out to The Royal Oldham Hospital and North Manchester General for bowel cancer screening colonoscopy lists is scheduled for the near future.

Department contact details

Bowel Cancer Screening Office

Fairfield General Hospital

Telephone number: 0161 778 2250

Fax: 0161 778 3225

Practical information

Please bring details of medicines currently being taken to your SSP clinic appointment.

Key staff/consultants

Directorate Manager – Gillian Ivey

Programme Manager – Sandra Wood

Consultants: Dr R Prudham

                     Dr R George

                     Dr A Abbasi

Lead Nurse – Helen Bartlett

SSP’s: Trish Davies

            Michele Stone

            Michelle Worrall

Admin Team: Julie Benyon

                      Nicky Davis