Biochemistry Lab Services

Who is the service for?

Samples for Clinical Chemistry are analysed to help clinicians in the diagnosis and monitoring of disease. Samples are received from the hospitals within the Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust and General Practitioners in the local area.

What does the service provide?

Clinical Chemistry is the study of chemical and biochemical mechanisms in the body for the prevention, diagnosis and management of disease.  Diseases such as diabetes, thyroid problems, infertility, heart attacks, meningitis and cystic fibrosis can be diagnosed by the analysis of body fluids such as blood, urine and CSF.

The department provides a service for all the hospitals within the Pennine Acute Trust and to General Practitioners and holds Clinical Pathology Accreditation (CPA).  The central laboratory is based at The Royal Oldham Hospital with an Essential Service Laboratories at Fairfield General Hospital and North Manchester General Hospital.

Who will patients meet?

When dropping off samples patients will meet specimen reception staff.

When is the service available?

24 hours a day/365 days a year at the Royal Oldham, Fairfield and North Manchester laboratories.

Where is the service provided?

The Royal Oldham Hospital

Rochdale Road



The laboratory is situated opposite Physiotherapy.


Fairfield General Hospital

Rochdale Old Road



The laboratory is situated behind the Broad Oak Suite Restaurant.


North Manchester General Hospital

Delaunays Road



M8 5RB

The Laboratory is situated on the main hospital corridor.

Department contact details

Royal Oldham Hospital

Biochemistry Laboratory 0161 656 1515/1514


Fairfield General Hospital

Biochemistry Laboratory 0161 778 2596


North Manchester General Hospital

Biochemistry Laboratory 0161 604 5389

Practical information

All samples must be labelled according to the Pathology Sample and Request Card Labelling Policy or they may not be processed.  When dropping samples off at the laboratory ensure that samples are labelled with patient forename and surname plus date of birth or unique identification number i.e. Hospital or NHS number.  Labels produced in the presence of the patient at GP surgeries using the T-Quest system are acceptable.  For 24 hour urine samples the bottle must be labelled with the above patient information and the start and finish time of collection.

Any samples on Central Manchester Immunology request cards must be delivered to one of the Trust Biochemistry departments.

Key staff/consultants

Consultant Chemical Pathologist

Dr Afaf Hassan

0161 656 1482 (71428)

Biochemistry Service Manager

Michelle Hurst

0161 656 1679 (71679)

Technical Manager-Training and Health and Safety

Lubomyra Szymanskyj

0161 778 5066 (75066)

Technical Manager-Quality

Delia Gallagher

0161 656 1629 (71629)