Acute and chronic pain service

Who is the service for?

The acute pain service looks after people who have been admitted to hospital; for an operation and have been identified as needing a specialist pain ‘technique’ such as morphine pumps and epidurals to help with their pain after their operation. You would be under the care of this service if you have one of these specialist devices after your operation.

The persistent pain service is an outpatient based service that aims to help people with persistent pain to improve their quality of life. Your GP would refer you to the service if you were struggling to live with persistent (chronic) pain.

What does the service provide?

The acute pain service provides a range of highly specialist techniques that aim to help reduce pain following surgery. The service has the option of using specialist equipment and procedures to help people with pain after their surgery. This will be discussed with the patient before their surgery. Our aim is to help then patient manage pain following surgery so that they can sleep and rest, breathe and move so that they can get better quicker and spend less time in hospital.

The persistent (chronic), pain service aims to help people improve their quality of life with their pain. We know that persistent pain affects all aspects of a person’s life and often that of their loved ones. Very often , along with their pain a person reports that it impacts on their social and psychological health (loss of employment, socially isolated, depressed). The service aims to help with all of these aspects of a person’s life. We have access to a range of highly specialist practitioners such as consultants in pain management, physio’s, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists who can work together with the person to help them towards self-management of their pain.

Who will the patients meet?

 Within the acute pain service, patients will meet the ward team, the anaesthetist, theatre staff and specialist pain nurses.

Patients attending the persistent (chronic) pain service may meet a receptionist and outpatient nurses, along with pain doctor, nurse, physio, and psychological medicine practitioners.

When is the service available?

The acute pain service is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks iof the year.

The persistent pain service is available Monday to Friday, 9-5

Where is the service provided?

The acute pain service visits patients on hospital wards.

The chronic pain service at north Manchester, Bury and Rochdale is based within the outpatient departments. The chronic pain service at Oldham is based in the town centre within the Integrated community care centre and within the hospital, ground floor J block.

Department Contact Details

Reception, Chronic pain clinic, oldham: 0161 627 8398

Pain service secretaries Oldham:            0161 627 8828/8829

Pain service secretaries NMGH,               0161 604 5292

Pain service secretaries Rochdale           01706 517705

Pain service secretaries FGH                 0161 778 3821

Practical Information

When attending the chronic pain service, please remember to bring with you a copy of your most up to date prescription list from your GP. If you are a new patient to the chronic pain service, please bring to clinic with you any questionnaires or assessment forms that we may have sent out to you in the post.