Hospital League of Friends support The Royal Oldham Hospital – with bras

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Hospital League of Friends support The Royal Oldham Hospital – with bras
14 August 2014

The Royal Oldham Hospital’s Victoria Breast Unit can purchase some very special bras, thanks to a generous donation.

The Royal Oldham Hospital League of Friends fundraising group, which holds events throughout the year, has donated a fantastic £5,000 to the prosthetic service in the Victoria Breast Unit.

The prosthetic service helps women recovering from breast cancer and other diseases. A breast prosthesis is an artificial breast worn under the bra that matches the size, shape, weight and feel of the other breast.

A few weeks after mastectomy surgery, a lady visits the Macmillan prosthetic advisor for the fitting of her permanent silicone prosthesis. To enable a good symmetrical result and help her regain confidence after having her breast removed, it is important that she is fitted with a good supportive bra. These bras can be expensive and many ladies seen by the prosthetic advisor do not have the means to purchase bras which are fit for purpose. Consequently, some ladies are using the wrong size and type of bra.

Susan Bennici, Macmillan prosthetic advisor at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust which runs The Royal Oldham Hospital, said: “We would really like to thank the League of Friends for their generous donation. It will be used to provide ladies visiting our clinic, having had mastectomy surgery, with a vital piece of equipment, a pocketed, good fitting bra, helping ladies wearing prosthesis feel secure. This will give them back symmetry to start the next stage of their recovery with confidence.

“We see this fitting as a very important part of a lady’s recovery. We have a well-equipped non clinical relaxing room with lingerie and swimwear displays, along with literature which I give out, helping the ladies to find specialised lingerie and clothing.”

The Macmillan prosthetic advisor also sees young ladies from age 13 with breast development problems who can not have the appropriate surgery until they are in their early 20s.

Pictured left to right: Betty Tomlinson, League of Friends chairman, Nabila Nasir, consultant breast surgeon and Susan Bennici, Macmillan prosthetic advisor.