Generous donation by support group helps patients at The Royal Oldham

Lymphoma Donation Presentation June 2014
Generous donation by support group helps patients at The Royal Oldham
02 June 2014

PATIENTS who have to undergo chemotherapy treatment on ward F11 at The Royal Oldham Hospital now have entertainment facilities to help them during their therapy.

The Pennine Lymphoma Support Group visited ward F11 at The Royal Oldham Hospital to donate a TV/DVD, games console with six games, and computer desk.

The gift to the ward which treats haematological disorders was made in memory of Gordon Wright, a former patient and member of the Pennine Lymphoma Support Group.

The group provides support to individuals who have been affected by lymphoma either themselves or by supporting somebody with the disease.

Presenting the gift to nurses and medical staff on the ward were group members, Gordon’s wife Julie, his mother-in-law and Reverend Tony Ford.

Group member Joyce Young, said: “The donation was made possible because of funding provided to the group by TK Maxx, who Gordon worked for and recognised the importance of the support given during Gordon’s illness.  Gordon was a wonderful man, much loved and missed by the group.  A plaque bearing his name will provide a lasting memory on the ward to those who knew him as the gift is in recognition of the care and treatment he had received.”

Gordon’s wife Julie said: “Gordon would have been thrilled with the presentation and the donation to the ward.”

Accepting the gift on behalf of the ward, consultant haematologist, Dr Hayley Greenfield at The Royal Oldham Hospital, said: “Our patients can spend long periods of time on the in-patient ward. This donation of an entertainment system will, I am sure, go down well with our young and older patients alike. It will help to pass the time along and take their minds off the treatment and side effects. On behalf of the clinical haematology department, I would like to say a big thank you to the Lymphoma Support Group.”

For more details on The Pennine Lymphoma Group contact or call Joyce Young on 01617661611.

Lymphomas are cancers of the lymphatic system. When a person has lymphoma, some of their lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) are 'out of control'. They divide in an abnormal way or they do not die off when they should. These abnormal lymphocytes can collect in the lymph nodes, which then enlarge as the lymphocytes form tumours.  Although lymphoma is a disease of the lymphatic system, it can also happen in other areas of the body. For example, lymphoma can affect the stomach, the skin or the liver.