‘You’re hired!’ Rochdale organisations work together to provide a new ‘apprentice’ workforce for health and social care

‘You’re hired!’ Rochdale organisations work together to provide a new ‘apprentice’ workforce for health and social care
06 March 2017

ROCHDALE Infirmary has joined forces with the HMR* care collaborative, which includes Rochdale Borough Council, and Hopwood Hall College to provide a new apprentice workforce for health and social care.

In the ever changing world of modern health and social care, organisations are working closer together than ever before, in hospitals and in the community, to provide joined up care.

This new type of integrated care needs to include a new type of health and social care worker, and in Rochdale the HMR care collaborative, Council and college have worked in partnership to come up with a solution.

Together with Health Education North West, they have committed to funding and training ten 16 to 19 year olds in a new unique first of its kind role – as apprentice Integrated Care Workers.

These ten young apprentices have already begun their journey in filling these special roles and have now completed their initial inductions, been allocated their placements and have started their training.

The apprentices spend one day a week in college during term time and four days a week out on placement working in Rochdale Infirmary, as well as out in the community and in intermediate care. This makes sure the apprentices get a holistic experience of modern health and social care and are better prepared for the demands of each.

Traditional programmes of training have previously focused on the delivery of either health care in a healthcare setting, such as in a hospital, or social care in settings outside of hospital however this approach no longer meets the needs of the community.

The apprentices are training in a wide range of areas including, but not limited to, how to deliver a care plan, understanding the frailty agenda, being aware of dementia and falls risks, the importance of social interaction, and health promotion.

Chloe Bamford-Pomroy, Apprentice Integrated Care Worker said:

“I feel the Integrated Care Apprenticeship scheme is helping me grow into the career professional that I want to be and every day provides me with a real insight into the world of work. I have increased my knowledge and skills tenfold since being given the opportunity to work in a care setting that were previously unfamiliar territory. I enjoy working alongside the different professionals and building a strong professional rapport with the patients. I have a passion for providing the very best standard of care for patients, and watching them progress and engage with their visitors is heart-warming.”

Elisha Cartwright , Apprentice Integrated Care Worker said:

“Ever since I started on the Integrated Care Apprenticeship scheme I have developed a wide range of skills for working in the care environment. I have worked with occupational therapists, pharmacists, health care assistants and nurses, and gained valuable insight in to what each job has to offer. This experience is invaluable and a unique way for me to discover where my future career lies. I really enjoy working with all the patients and it is a great feeling being a part of their journey to become independent. The Wolstenholme Unit is an amazing yet challenging environment filled with many opportunities and I am thankful to be a part of it, especially as we are the first of our kind in the entire county.”

Steve Taylor, Managing Director at Rochdale Infirmary said:

“The Rochdale and Bury Care Organisation is wholly committed to working in partnership with health and social care providers, not for profit organisations and voluntary/charitable groups to positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of the communities that we serve. These apprentices are drawn from the local area, are being trained to provide the workforce of the future, and their skills and knowledge will enhance the wellbeing of the local community. Completion of the apprenticeship will provide a foundation on which to build a career as a health or social care professional in a variety of diverse roles.”

To find out more about training to become an apprentice Integrated Care Worker please contact Caroline Beirne, Human Resources Business Partner, on 01706 517563, or email Caroline.Beirne@pat.nhs.uk. Future opportunities will be open to all age groups.

Pictured left to right: Reece Edwards, Trainee Assistant Practitioner; patient Robert Rudman; Elisha Cartwright, Apprentice Integrated Care Worker

* RBC, Link4life, Veterans in Communities, BARDOC, GP Care Services, Rochdale Housing Initiative and GM Carers Trust.