Trust pledges to support dementia carers to stay in hospital with their loved ones

Johns campaign
Trust pledges to support dementia carers to stay in hospital with their loved ones
27 June 2016

THE Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust has pledged support to dementia charity John’s Campaign, which fights for the right of people with dementia to be supported by their carers in hospital.

All four of the Trust’s hospitals, North Manchester General Hospital, The Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital in Bury and Rochdale Infirmary have signed up to the John’s Campaign ‘Carers Welcome’ list.

The Trust is committed to improving dementia care and has also recently developed a Dementia Strategy and employed a new Nurse Consultant for Dementia.

Janice McGrory Nurse Consultant for Dementia at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said:

 “I am delighted that the Trust has committed to supporting carers of people with dementia. It is essential that we develop a triangle of care between the person with dementia, their family carer and health and social care professionals to ensure that we are delivering the best standards of care based on individual need. It is essential that we recognise carers and acknowledge their expert knowledge of the person with dementia”

John’s Campaign was founded after the death of Dr John Gerrard in November 2014. John Gerrard had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in his mid‐70s but was managing to live a good, if limited, life at home, caring for his wife and supported by his family.

He was admitted to hospital in February 2014, aged 86, to receive treatment for infected leg ulcers. During his five‐week stay visits from his family were severely restricted due to an infection outbreak and his decline was catastrophic.

For more information about John’s Campaign please visit the website: www.johnscampaign.

Pictured (left to right): Patient Minnie Heys with Ward Sister Rhiannon Lloyd and RAID/OP Liaison Practitioner Ash Akoumah at Rochdale Infirmary’s Oasis dementia unit