Trust launches new Maternity Listening & Action Group

Maternity action group
Trust launches new Maternity Listening & Action Group
09 November 2015

A NEW Maternity Listening & Action Group has been launched by The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust so that women and their families views are heard as part of the planning and delivery of maternity care.

The new group will provide close and regular feedback from the local population, ensuring safe, responsive, family centred maternity services at the Trust’s four hospitals – North Manchester General Hospital, The Royal Oldham Hospital, Fairfield General Hospital in Bury, Rochdale Infirmary and community services.

The Maternity Listening & Action Group is a group made up of representatives from the local community, maternity healthcare professionals, doctors, midwives, peer support workers and new mothers and fathers.

It was formed to ensure that women’s views and experiences are included in guidelines, complaint reviews and new developments.

The first meeting was held on 14th October 2015 at Derby Street Children’s Centre, in Heywood. The group will meet bimonthly going forward and the next meeting will be in December 2015 at a venue to be confirmed. It is expected that most meetings will take place in children’s centres in the community areas the Trust covers.  

Any woman who is using or has used maternity services recently is invited to attend the meetings, as are fathers and other family members, including young babies and children.

The first meeting discussed stories and experiences of the women and families who had recently used maternity services, welcomed new ideas and heard about elements the Trust could improve on.

Cathy Trinick, Head of Midwifery at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said:

“This was one of the most rewarding meetings, bringing together new families and representation from the wider community with maternity professionals, all with one aim – to improve maternity care for women and babies.”

Natalie Finn, aged 30, a fulltime mother from Saddleworth who attended the first meeting said:

"I feel the Maternity Listening & Action Group is a great open forum for all service users across the Trust as its focus is on women, families and their experiences. With this focus as a foundation I believe the group will be able to capitalise on the many positive aspects of care already provided within the Trust. It will ensure that everybody receives the same level of care across the board and will identify and improve areas of potential weakness. The new name of the group encompasses everything that it hopes to achieve; it is actively engaging with people like me for feedback to make maternity care within the Trust the best it can possibly be for all the women and families that use it."

Pictured left to right: Jessica (7), mum Natalie Finn (30) with Dexter (8-weeks), Felix (16-months), and Hannah (3)