Trust invests in state of the art x-ray facility at Rochdale Infirmary

new_xray room
Trust invests in state of the art x-ray facility at Rochdale Infirmary
20 September 2016

RADIOLOGY services at Rochdale Infirmary have been strengthened following the investment and creation of a third digital x-ray room on the hospital site.

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust which runs Rochdale Infirmary has invested over £220,000 on the new x-ray room which houses state-of-the-art equipment to produce images of the inside of the body to diagnose a range of conditions.

A Samsung XGEO digital machine and Villa Rotograph Evo OPG machine have been installed which increases diagnostic accuracy.  The digital x-ray machine allows the equipment to be used much like a digital camera so that the acquired images can be viewed immediately and repeated if necessary without causing unnecessary distress to the patient.

This will result in a faster radiology service with better image quality.

The x-ray room has also been relocated from the outpatient department at Rochdale Infirmary to within the main x-ray department, allowing for improved team working and better for patients.

Productivity and patient throughput in the department are expected to increase as radiology staff do not have to leave the room now to process the images as they are available immediately on the machine in the room. 

Previously a computed radiography (CR) x-ray machine was used which involved the use of an x-ray cassette which needed processing after the image was taken in a different location. 

This was time consuming and meant that the radiographer had to leave the patient to wait whilst they went to process the image.  If the image needed to be repeated, the whole diagnostic examination had to begin again.

Paul Barker, senior directorate manager for radiology and neurophysiology at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, said:

“With this new equipment we have massively improved the patient experience at Rochdale Infirmary by providing decreased waiting times, increased resolution of images, and lower radiation dose, all in a state of the art diagnostic facility which delivers an improved atmosphere for the patient. This new equipment has allowed decommissioning of two unreliable 20 year old general x-ray machines and one old dental unit to replace with a single faster digital general x-ray machine and a digital dental unit.”

Stephanie Antrobus, radiology performance and quality manager at the Trust added:

“The investment is paying off as we are no longer spending money on repairing old equipment, and also the improvement in staff morale due to not being so isolated from the main department, or having to use old outdated equipment.”

Pictured from top left: Helen Hayley, Wayne Varley, Carly Medlen and Tina Brophy from the radiology team at Rochdale Infirmary