Preventing and Treating Falls - 6 May 2016

Falls Talk
Preventing and Treating Falls - 6 May 2016
22 April 2016

MEMBERS of the public are being invited to attend a free health information talk about ‘Falls’ on Friday 6th May 2016, from 2.00 – 3.00 pm at the Education Centre, The Royal Oldham Hospital. The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust will be hosting the event which will give an insight into some of the risk factors that can cause people to fall.

Anyone can have a fall, but older people are more vulnerable and likely to fall, especially if they have a long-term health condition.

Falls are a common, but often overlooked, cause of injury. Around one in three adults over 65 who live at home will have at least one fall a year, and about half of these will have more frequent falls.

Most falls don't result in serious injury. However, there is always a risk that a fall could lead to broken bones, and it can cause the person to lose confidence, become withdrawn and feel as if they've lost their independence.

The talk will be presented by Dr Raj Parikh, consultant geriatrician at the Trust, and will give delegates the opportunity to find out more about falls, measures to help prevent them and the treatment and support available for people who are at risk of falling.

Dr Raj Parikh said: “Falls are more common as people age, but they are not a normal part of ageing. Services are available to investigate and manage this sometimes complex problem. The medical team work closely with physiotherapy and occupational therapy colleagues to deliver a service that meets the individual needs of those who have fallen.”

The talk on Friday 6th May is free and open to the public, staff and the Pennine Acute Trust’s members.

‘Medicine for Members’ events are free and are held regularly at our four hospital sites, to give the public, staff and the Pennine Acute Trust’s members the opportunity to learn more about the services at PAHNT.  So far, more than 12,000 people have signed up to become Trust members.

To book your place contact Angela Greenwood on 01706 517302 or email