'Pressure Ulcer’ Talk at North Manchester General – 12 September 2017

Judy Harker Pressure ulcer nurse specialist
'Pressure Ulcer’ Talk at North Manchester General – 12 September 2017
23 August 2017

ON Tuesday 12th September 2017, The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust will be hosting a free talk on ‘Pressure Ulcers’, at the Post-Graduate Centre at North Manchester General Hospital.

Pressure ulcers (or bed sores as they are more commonly known) occur when the skin and the tissue beneath it becomes damaged, typically occurring among patients who cannot move or have lost sensation.  Prolonged periods of immobility put pressure on the skin, soft tissue, or bone, causing tissue damage to develop.

Pressure sores are largely preventable, from a patient safety perspective it is important that we do our best to prevent pressure ulcers from ever occurring.  They can have emotional, mental, physical and social effects on the quality of life of patients which is why the Trust is dedicated to preventing these types of tissue damage for patients in our care.

Judy Harker, Nurse Consultant Tissue Viability at the Trust, who will be giving the talk, said:

“Pressure ulcer prevention is not a new priority for the Trust.  Over the last three years, we have stepped up our efforts to reduce pressure ulcers across our hospitals.  Our specialist Tissue Viability team has been working closely with staff at all levels of the organization to raise awareness of the importance of identifying and managing pressure ulcers correctly.  In the hospital environment, simple measures are followed, such as observing patients’ skin, and changing the position of patients at regular intervals.

“The ways in which pressure ulcers are reported and the standards of reporting vary hugely from Trust to Trust.  However, at our hospitals we have made significant progress, particularly with our record keeping and risk assessments.  Through greater awareness and improved training, our staff are now better at identifying, reporting and managing pressure ulcers”.

The presentation aims to give the public an overview of the extent of the problem, who is affected by pressure ulcers, a look at how and where they develop and how they are managed and treated.

The talk will be held on Tuesday 12th September, 2.00 pm – 3.00 pm in Room 2, Post-Graduate Centre, North Manchester General Hospital, Delaunay’s Road, Manchester, M8 5RB.

The event is free and is one of a series of ‘Medicine for Members’ events arranged to give the public and the Trust’s public members a greater insight into their local hospital and the services it provides. So far, more than 12,500 people have signed up to become Trust members. 

To book your place, contact Angela Greenwood on 01706 517302 or email membership@pat.nhs.uk