Press statement - Diagnostics

Press statement - Diagnostics
14 October 2015

A spokesperson for The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust said:

 “Patient safety and the quality of care we provide to our patients is our top priority.

 “The nature of healthcare means the Board and our staff are committed to promoting continual learning and improved clinical practice in line with national guidance and best practice. 

 “As part of the Trust’s Quality Improvement work and Safety Programmes, which are aligned to the national NHS Sign Up to Safety initiative, our doctors and nursing staff are focusing on a number of areas to improve patient safety and patient experience to become a truly quality-driven provider of healthcare.

 “Our safety priorities for this year as set out in our published Quality Accounts Report and Annual Report, focus on reducing avoidable harm to patients, particularly around    hospital inpatient falls, sepsis, pressure ulcers, infection prevention, safer surgery and diagnostics such as radiology, x-rays and CT scans. 

 “As we strengthen our governance processes and incident reporting, we have seen an increase in the number of our clinical staff coming forward to highlight areas where we can make care safer and ensure we are doing all that we can to provide high quality care.

 “Our work on diagnostics has involved looking at our clinical processes, policies and practice around x-rays and CT scans. This is to ensure that these tests for our patients are undertaken promptly and the reports are received by the appropriate healthcare professional so that diagnosis and necessary treatment can commence. As part of this improvement work, we have looked at the data on our incident management system over the past five years related to diagnostics to ensure that we can capture all learning from past cases in the improvement work we are doing. 

“There is no data available or evidence to suggest the Trust is an outlier in this area.”