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North Manchester Consultant Recognised by BMA
18 July 2017

A CONSULTANT in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at North Manchester General Hospital has been awarded the Association Medal of the British Medical Association.

Prof Andrew Rowland was awarded the prestigious medal last month by Sir John Temple, President of the BMA, in recognition of his distinguished service to the BMA for over 16 years and his contribution to medicine.

Prof Andrew Rowland, Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine at North Manchester General Hospital said:

“I am absolutely delighted and feel really honoured to have received this award from the BMA. I am really pleased that the award makes reference to both work on terms and conditions of service as well as work to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people. I work as a member of a great team at The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Salford  and we continue to undertake innovative projects with children and young people to see how professionals can make the services we offer to them more acceptable and more effective. I am looking forward to us continuing our work in the future and I would like to give sincere thanks to the BMA for this award.”

Prof Rowland’s contribution to the BMA has been extensive and includes the following roles: junior doctors committee as deputy chair for terms and conditions of service and negotiation; consultants committee as a member of the executive and the negotiating reference group during a very difficult phase for the consultant contract negotiation; and BMA council member of the international committee as a representative to multiple European conferences and organisations.

The award and citation make reference to The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Andrew’s honorary appointment at the University of Salford and to the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. 

Within the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, Prof Rowland was Local Negotiating Committee chair and is now Deputy Medical Director. He was awarded an honorary professorship in 2015 for his work into child advocacy and safeguarding which is recognised locally and nationally.

An excerpt from the award and citation reads:

“Andrew Rowland, you have been a positive influence and supporter to doctors within the medical profession for many years. You have consistently championed good practice with regards to terms and conditions of service at a junior doctor and consultant level, locally, regionally and nationally. Your contribution to the BMA has been extensive.

“You were deservedly awarded an honorary professorship in 2015 due to the value with which your work into child advocacy and safeguarding is held in your local area as well as nationally.

“In 2014 you were awarded a Fellowship with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and undertook to investigate the impact of mandatory reporting of child abuse, the work of children's advocacy centres and learn about strategies used to identify children at risk of child sexual exploitation and trafficking. Your detailed knowledge on the subject and your active role in the association on safeguarding vulnerable children policy has been invaluable.

“Dr Rowland, your commitment and dedication in helping to drive forward the work of the BMA has been commendable. We testify to your achievements in conferring upon you the Association Medal.”

Tony Long, Professor of Child & Family Health at the University of Salford confirmed the enthusiasm and commitment of his colleague Professor Rowland.  He said: “We work closely together on a number of research projects and initiatives to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families. These are often the most vulnerable of people in their society, and researching with them requires a supportive, enabling and sensitive approach which mirrors the clinical team’s practice. The university is immensely proud of Professor Rowland and values his contribution highly.”

Pictured: Prof Andrew Rowland

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