New IT system at Pennine Acute Hospitals will revolutionise patient case notes and improve services

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New IT system at Pennine Acute Hospitals will revolutionise patient case notes and improve services
11 February 2015

THE Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust is rolling out a new Trust-wide multi-million pound electronic document record management system (EDRMS) which goes live this week that will improve services for patients.

The Trust which runs North Manchester and Fairfield General Hospitals, The Royal Oldham, Rochdale Infirmary and community services, secured £4.2m of funding from NHS England last year to implement the new Evolve system trust-wide in partnership with an external digital technology supplier, Kainos.

The new system is a major change for the Trust and will revolutionise and improve the way thousands of patient records are stored, managed and viewed by doctors, nurses, health professionals, ward clerks and medical secretaries. 

Four clinical specialties within the Trust have been piloting the Evolve system as ‘early adopters’ as the organisation moves towards paper-light working. The first specialty to have scanned notes is Urology which goes live this week, followed by paediatrics, stroke and diabetes. All four specialties will have case notes on Evolve by the end of April 2015, with other specialties following over the course of 2015.

The roll-out of the system is being led by acting medical director Dr Anton Sinniah. He said: “Evolve is an important development that will revolutionise the way in which we access patient records.  Having case notes available electronically across the organisation when and where they are needed will make decision making and treatment planning faster and ultimately improve the quality of care we provide for our patients. Our clinical and non-clinical staff will have immediate and timely access to patient records electronically at the touch of a button.”

Cathrine Stanley, medical secretarial supervisor in elective access at The Royal Oldham Hospital is one of the first staff to use the new system with her consultant colleagues. She said: “I think it will bring a lot of benefits to the way we work day to day.  It will certainly make things easier having electronic case notes.”