Mayor of Bury visit marks Trust support for Dementia Awareness Week

Mayor of Bury
Mayor of Bury visit marks Trust support for Dementia Awareness Week
20 May 2015

STAFF across hospitals and services run by The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust are supporting this year’s Alzheimer’s Society’s annual Dementia Awareness Week which began this week, raising awareness that dementia can affect anyone and, as yet, there is no cure.

Last week the Mayor of Bury, Michelle Wiseman, met with staff and patients on a dementia friendly ward as part of her visit to Fairfield General Hospital.

The 23-bedded unit is a general medical ward that has been made less daunting for patients with dementia through the use of lighting, floor coverings, artwork and signage.

The Mayor of Bury, Councillor Michelle Wiseman, said: “I was very impressed with the high standard of care on ward 21. I feel that you should always put yourself in the position of the patient and think about whether you would be happy and comfortable to receive treatment in the place that you work. If the answer is yes, that is how you should deliver the service.  I think that ward 21 at Fairfield General Hospital is a credit to the staff who work on it and the Trust.”

Sister Judith Maden, ward manager at Fairfield General Hospital, said: “Dementia is a medical condition where quality care is the most important ingredient. The environment in which we care for patients with dementia can make a huge difference and we have invested resources with the aim of making the ward less alienating for people with cognitive problems. We should be honest, open and transparent in all our commitments to patients and we should treat them with empathy, professionalism and a positive friendly attitude. These are our values on ward 21 and also the values of the Trust.”

The Trust recognises that carers and relatives play a vital role in the care of patients with dementia and is committed to improving services and support carers of patients. The Trust continues to run a survey about the experience of the support that was provided to relatives and carers in hospital.The aim of the survey is to find out about the quality of support that was provided by the Trust to family members and carers.

The survey comprises 13 questions in total, covering areas such as what documentation was offered, discharge procedures, access to patient, support for relatives/carers, and staff knowledge. All responses are treated confidentially and are used to improve how the Trust works in partnership with carers.

Relatives and carers can take part in the survey by visiting the Trust’s website 

Pictured: Sister Judith Malden with Cllr Mayor Michelle Wiseman on ward;

Group from the left: Sister Judith Malden, Senior Nurse Charlotte Fowell, Health Care Assistant Jane Clarke, Mayor Michelle Wiseman, Doctor Associate Suzanne Thompson, Ward Clerk Jill Bridges and Senior Nurse Jo Mathew